What Are Oakley Prizm Lenses?

What Are Oakley Prizm Lenses?

PRIZM lens technology is a revolutionary new technology designed to maximize visual contrast and visibility. It has the ability to adapt to different light environments and was the first to be used in OAKLEY's snow mirror products. In fact, OAKLEY has been well versed in the theory of controlling light through human vision's physical perception of color contrast many years ago. In recent years, as light control has become more mature in other technical fields and has been well put into various engineering designs, OAKLEY has also found the key to the development and innovation of lens technology through effective control of light. PRIZM is an innovative bioengineering lens technology that emerged from this.

What is PRIZM?

OAKLEY has conducted a lot of chromatic and biological research on the human eye. Studies have found that human eyes are extremely sensitive to two specific colors, blue and orange, in a snowy environment with relatively low color contrast. In the PRIZM technology, this discovery is maximized and applied to filter out other irrelevant background colors by highlighting and enhancing these two sensitive colors. PRIZM uses this precise adjustment of colors to clearly display various details in the snowy environment. The optimized visual contrast presents the color of the object more realistically, and the contour and texture of the object are clearly insight. Ski enthusiasts who love to fly in the snow will no longer be disturbed by the background color during the gliding process, and their visual attention is completely focused on observing obstacles and judging details in sports behavior. PRIZM allows you to see more clearly in the snow, react more quickly, and perform better.

In addition, PRIZM, as a new breakthrough in OAKLEY's exclusive patented technology, still upholds the inherent technological heritage of the brand. PRIZM lenses can not only filter almost all harmful light but also allow a large amount of harmless light to penetrate. Compared with traditional snow mirror lenses, PRIZM is also unique in its adaptability to various intricate light conditions. The color matching options of black coating, emerald green coating, and rose coating can easily cope with different light intensities whether it is sunny, cloudy, snow, or other weather conditions.

How do OAKLEY PRIZM lenses work?

PRIZM is a new OAKLEY lens technology that fine-tunes vision for specific environments. The role of the lens is to emphasize the eye's most sensitive color to details, which in turn helps to improve performance and safety.

Traditional sunglasses lenses force us to compromise between the colors we want to see in the environment and other colors that interfere with our perception. OAKLEY PRIZM strives to filter out any light that may interfere with vision while emphasizing the colors needed for optimal performance.

OAKLEY achieved this innovation by using hyperspectral imaging, a technology used by spy satellites to help analyze light in real-world environments. Hyperspectral cameras enable engineers to see the patterns and conditions of spectral peaks that exist under various conditions. Once the transmission peaks found in nature are determined, the lens dye will be scientifically designed to match the absorption peaks, which helps to enhance the good light and filter out the harmful light.

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Are OAKLEY PRIZM lenses polarized?

Not all PRIZM lenses are polarized. This is because it is not needed in every situation, and in some cases, it may inhibit performance. OAKLEY PRIZM polarized lenses are very suitable for reducing glare and are recommended for water sports or driving. When the vertical wavelengths from the sun are reflected from surfaces such as water or car bumpers and combined with horizontal wavelengths, glare occurs. The main disadvantage of polarized lenses is that because polarizing filters cut off the horizontal wavelengths in the glare, they produce depth perception. PRIZM sports lenses are not polarized. All PRIZM sports lenses have a mirror coating on the outside to help increase sunlight brightness without sacrificing depth perception or contrast.

Difference between PRIZM lenses and polarized lenses?

Since OAKLEY released their PRIZM lenses, this new technology has been hyped, but there are still many people who believe that there is not much difference between PRIZM and polarized lenses. Well, the short answer here is "Yes, there is." Polarization and PRIZM are very different things. PRIZM lenses are basically a series of contrast lenses, but they differ from other lenses in that they can fine-tune which colors are filtered or can pass through the spectrum. This ability allows various PRIZM lenses to be optimized for specific sports or activities, such as golf, hiking, skiing, or snowboarding. Polarization, on the other hand, is a filter that blocks all horizontal light reflected from smooth surfaces such as wet roads or water. Basically, any sunglasses can have a polarizing filter, no matter if the lens is a contrast lens, PRIZM lens, or a neutral lens.


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