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What are fashionable sunglasses for 2021?

In the previous article, we discussed “How to choose sunglasses to protect eyes?”. In this article, let’s talk about “What are fashionable sunglasses for 2021?”.

How can you lose sunglasses in the summer? Wearing fashionable sunglasses can not only protect your eyes but also make you more charming. So, what are fashionable sunglasses for 2021?

Oversized Sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses are charming, mysterious, and protective, which is why celebrities and ordinary people like to wear oversized sunglasses. Celine's models wore large black lens sunglasses and pulled their baseball caps low to look like plain clothes stars. Dolce & Gabbana's oversized sunglasses this season are covered from forehead to cheek. They are square and round to increase diversity. We have seen more large sunglasses in brands such as Chloe, Ports 1961, Francesca Liberatore, Fendi, and so on.

Black Sunglasses

People who like low-key will like this trend of sunglasses. We saw several different styles of sunglasses in Balenciaga, including small and oversized frames. However, they all have one thing in common. All of them are with pure black lenses that completely cover the eyes. For something more glamorous, you might like Chanel sunglasses with a cat-eye-shaped silver frame with black lenses. Moreover, the model wears Wayfarer sunglasses with black lenses and a face mask.(https://www.koalaeye.com/collections/polarized-sunglasses)

White Frame

The white frame is memorable and iconic. They immediately reminiscent of a series of celebrities from the past, such as Kurt Cobain and Audrey Hepburn. We are always looking forward to seeing sunglasses with a white frame on the catwalk. At Etro, we saw a cool, padded white frame design. The bridge and the place where the frame connects to the lens are golden. Even in Miu Miu, this season's long rectangular design also has a white frame option.

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Colorful Frame

In the warm season, there are always some things that make us want to have fun and play with colors. That's why we show you the trend of more colorful glasses. First of all, at Versace, we are excited about oversized sunglasses with bright neon frames, tinted lenses, and a unique bridge. This trend combination is flashy and an ideal choice for dramatic style. If you like colors, but prefer a softer look, you will like Salvatore Ferragamo sunglasses. These sunglasses use a futuristic semi-rim design with a soft green, yellow or blue acetate frame.

Extended Sunglasses

If you don’t want the glasses to cover your face, choose one of these extended sunglasses. They make your face look smooth and slim without taking up too much space. We saw a slightly rounded, slender shape in Koche, which was a smooth but not overly sharp appearance, contrasting with the clear acetate frame of dark lenses. At Miu Miu, most sunglasses are rectangular in design with thicker frames. The favorite sunglasses combine a slender shape with a lot of crystals, which look interesting and feminine.

Geometric Sunglasses

If you want a very wild glasses shape, look at geometric sunglasses. These sunglasses break the tradition and have a new shape. The most impressive is Valentino. There is a pair of semi-frameless designs and four-sided shapes. The lens looks a bit inclined inward, the outer edge is the longest, and the design is truly unique. At Lanvin, geometric shapes are combined with incredible elegance. These sunglasses combine the best cat eyeglasses.

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