If you have a narrow face, what style of sunglasses should you wear?

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In the previous article, we discussed “What are cat-eye sunglasses?”. In this article, let’s talk about “If you have a narrow face, what style of sunglasses should you wear?”.

Oval Face:

Of all the face shapes, the oval face is easier to control because of its balance of proportions. Customers with this face shape can wear most sunglasses. The only task is to preserve the balance of nature. Frames that are suitable for these people include frames of equal width for the widest part of the face.  Instead, avoid frames that are too deep or too narrow.

Long Face:

The length of a long face is greater than its width.  In most cases, people with this face shape have angular features, high cheekbones, a long nose, and a high forehead.  Following the above principles, the task is to counteract these distinct features when choosing the frame shape. We encourage people with long faces to try a tall frame for a short face or a wide frame with an accentuated top edge.  Another task is to avoid all the frames that might emphasize the length of the face.

Square Face:

People with square faces have the same width to length ratio of their face shape, usually with a strong jawline and a broad forehead.  These are sharp features similar to oval faces.  This is not a very good balance. A narrow oval frame is a good choice. Another important task is to compromise these sharp facial angles. In this sense, the softening angle of the eyeglass frame is appropriate.

Round Face:

The width and length distribution of a round face is similar to that of a square face.  One obvious difference is that a round face has no edges, just curves. The first possible way is to make the face look thinner and longer. This upsets the natural balance between width and length. The second possible approach is to create some landscaping angles.  Narrow frames with angles and geometric frames are good choices.

What frame does a narrow face fit in?

The line of round sunglasses can ease the angular feeling of a square face. You know the edges are too sharp, and you always feel hard to approach.  Retouched with round sunglasses, it will look a lot more friendly. Suitable for round sunglasses, people who have square faces have wide cheeks, and the face is shorter. To soften facial lines, they should choose a slightly curved frame, which can make the face look softer, so it can ease too-wide cheeks. You should choose one frame that is slightly wider than the face, so it will make the face look slightly slender.

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