How often do you wear sunglasses

How often do you wear sunglasses?

In the previous article, we discussed “Do girls look beautiful with sunglasses?”. In this article, let’s talk about “How often do you wear sunglasses?”.

Wear glasses when driving.

 Many drivers hope to wear a pair of anti-glare glasses when driving so that even if driving for a long time in the sun they will not feel eye fatigue. Or when they driving in the evening, there is suddenly strong light irradiation, they will not shake the eyes and in hidden danger of an accident. One of the purposes of Driving Sunglasses is to avoid strong ultraviolet radiation damage to the eyes, but in fact, is not to say that the deeper the color, the sunglasses UV protection function will be better because when the color of the lens is deeper, the wearer's pupils dilate wider. So the sunglasses without UV filtering function can not prevent UV damage to the eyes.

 The sun shines more strongly in summer.

 It is necessary to wear it in summer when the sun's rays are strong. Its function is to prevent the ultraviolet rays of the sun from entering the eyes. Such glasses can reduce the occurrence of cataracts and other diseases. But in less intense UV environments, it is recommended to remove sunglasses. Don't use bad sunglasses either, because bad sunglasses allow more harmful rays to enter your eyes. If you wear bad-colored glasses for a long time, you will not only easily catch keratitis, but also damage the retina, and even may get cataracts.

 How often should you change your sunglasses?

 At present, there is no mention of the shelf life of sunglasses in the national standard. It is widely believed in the industry that the glasses will be aged to varying degrees in normal use due to sun exposure, lens wear, and other conditions. Therefore, if the glasses are seriously worn, they should be replaced in time to avoid the impact on vision.

Is good to wear for a long time?

 In addition to the ability to weaken the UV,wearing sunglasses beyond the shelf life is easy to make people produce visual fatigue, dry eyes, eye astringency, and other conditions. The contrast of objects is very different for the eye. After wearing sunglasses, many people will feel that they cannot see things as clear as when they do not wear sunglasses. to see more clearly, they will naturally look hard at the object, for a long time, so the degree of eye fatigue will increase. Eye experts believe that colored sunglasses will make people's eyes in relatively dim light, and people's pupils will subconsciously dilate. If people's eyes are for a long time in this state, even if the original vision, no matter how good, the vision will degrade in the future. If you wear sunglasses all day, regardless of the outside environment, it will harm your eyes.

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