How do I stop my glasses from hurting my nose?

How do I stop my glasses from hurting my nose?

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In the previous article, we discussed “What eyeglasses brands have home try on?“. In this article, let’s talk about “How do I stop my glasses from hurting my nose?”.

The nose pad is the supporting part of the eyeglass frame on the bridge of the nose. If the eyeglass frame is heavy or the nose pad is hard, it is easy to cause imprints on both sides of the nose. The indentation will be difficult to subside if worn for a long time. So what method can prevent the phenomenon that frame glasses press the bridge of the nose?

Take Frame material selection seriously.

When choosing a frame, try to choose a light frame. At present, the glass frame material is relatively light titanium, tungsten carbon, TR90, and so on. Now based on the plate spectacle frame, the new plate spectacle frame implements thin processing, so the whole spectacle frame has become light up. You can use rimless light glasses. Usually, the nose pad will leave an indentation, possibly because the glasses are too heavy. Changing some light glasses can improve the problem of indentation of the nose pads.

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The nose pad is very important.

It could be that the nose pad is too hard. You can replace it with a non-marked soft nose pad. It is recommended to choose a thin and long or broad-leaved nose pad, moderate hardness, which can effectively disperse the force of the nose, with stable support, bringing comfortable wearing. It avoids a soft nose pad on the bridge of the nose because of sweating or a long time to wear left indentation. Eyeglass frame nose pads are in direct contact with the bridge of the nose, and too hard nose pads can damage the skin around the bridge of the nose. Therefore, try to choose a silica gel nose pad and other soft materials. The first one is that the silicone has good softness and will not damage the skin. The other is that it can fit perfectly with the bridge of the nose without foreign body feeling.(

Proper massage

Proper massage can not only relieve the fatigue of the skin that supports glasses but relax the eyes. Take time each day to gently massage the marked area of the nose pad for ten minutes. Try not to wear glasses all the time. You can switch between contact lenses and glasses. In this way, over time, the nasal plate marks will gradually disappear. Hot towels can be used to warm the skin, which is helpful to blood circulation to the skin and slowly eliminate indentation.

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