Can we watch 3d movies in laptop with polarized glasses?
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Nowadays the popularity of 3D movies, 3D videos or 3D TV shows is becoming strong enough to attract peoples around the world. Because 3D Movies or 3D Videos create a different illusion that feels us like it's happening around us and gives awesome experience and entertainment to us. But how to watch 3D movies on PC or Laptop? Can we watch 3d movies in laptop with polarized glasses? Do polarized glasses work 3D movies?

In the previous article, we discussed “Do polarized sunglasses block UV rays?”. In this article, let’s talk about “How can I watch 3D movies on a PC with polarized glasses?”.

What is a 3D movie?

3D is the abbreviation of 'Three Dimensions' in English. In Chinese, it refers to Three Dimensions and Three coordinates, namely, length, width, and height. In the world, 3D films are used to represent three-dimensional films. Anaglyph is the film that two images are overlapped to produce three-dimensional effects. When the audience watches with three-dimensional glasses, they will feel immersive. A stereoscopic film is a film that can produce a stereoscopic effect by using the difference of visual angle and the convergent function of human eyes. There is a three-dimensional space in 3D movies, for example, we can see multiple sides. Compared with 2D planes, 3D movies have a stronger three-dimensional sense and more forcing effect, just like we are in the scene.

What is a 3D movie glasses?

In the projection of a three-dimensional film, two projectors are positioned in a certain way and project two frames point to point exactly in accord and synchronously on the same screen. The screen reflects different levels of polarized light to the viewer's eyes. Viewers should also wear polarized glasses when watching a movie. The polarization direction of the left and right lenses must be matched with the projector. In this way, the left and right eyes can filter out images that are not polarized and only see the corresponding polarized light image, that is, the left eye can only see the left screen and the right eye can only see the right screen. These images are combined by the brain to produce stereo vision.

Classification of 3D Technology

3D classification: Chromatic aberration 3D with passive red-blue (or red-green, red-blue) color filtering 3D glasses. The oldest technologies, which are relatively cheap to implement. And the other one is passively polarized 3D, which uses passive polarized glasses. The image effect of polarized 3D technology is better than that of chromatic aberration. At present, more cinemas use this kind of technology, but the brightness requirement of the display equipment is higher. Polarized 3D technology is now widely used in commercial cinemas and other high-end applications. It is also called passive 3D technology. The main reason for stereoscopic feeling is that the left and right eyes see different pictures, and the left and right eyes are different, so the picture will have some differences.

Can we watch 3d movies in laptop with polarized glasses

Do polarized glasses work 3D movies? You can watch a 3D movie completely on the computer, and first prepare 3D glasses, and it can be left and right format of 3D glasses, red and blue 3D glasses. And then use the computer to download a 3D movie, and pay attention that if the formats are different, the use of glasses is different. Note that the format of the selection should not be wrong. Red and blue glasses can only see red and blue 3D movies and left and right formats can only see left and right 3D. You can't watch a polarization-type 3D movie on a computer, because the polarization-specific display just adds a horizontal and horizontal amplitude polarization plate, which is a physical property and cannot be realized through software. Polarized 3D uses the principle that light has the direction of vibration to decompose the original image. By adding a polarizing plate on the display screen, two images with different polarization directions can be transmitted to the viewer, and then the three-dimensional image can be synthesized by the brain.

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    So, how can I watch using polarized glasses? I have a projector that supports 3D, but do I need a polarizing screen or something?

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