How about wayfarer sunglasses?

How about wayfarer sunglasses?

How about sunglasses in the shape of wayfarers?

Ray-Ban designers created a T-shaped frame with a pair of thick, wide-temple wayfarer shades in 1952. It is so attractive that no matter who wears it, it will add a unique fashion breath, and the thick temples of the glasses are more masculine. Women who wear it show soft and beautiful in many a few minutes of heroic appearance, very handsome. So, no matter how the wayfarer shades changed color later, their basic architecture was destined to become a classic.

Why are wayfarer sunglasses classic?

With history and vibrant colors, the wayfarer classic sunglasses have been synonymous with youth, fashion, and creativity for more than 50 years. There is no lack of pop art in this series.  The irregular geometry gives a unique fashion sense. Many celebrities have used these classic sunglasses. Wear Ray-Ban wayfarer sunglasses for a stylish effect and shade.

Precio de ventaDesde
Precio de ventaDesde

Which face shapes are suitable to wear wayfarer sunglasses?

Square faces must avoid too individualistic styles, as the face cannot be used as a standout point. Avoid round frames. Wayfarer shades and aviator shades are both good choices. This frame design is relatively simple, and especially the thick edge of the style can ease the wider jaw of our face. For long faces, look for a medium width or a narrow width. This will slim the face without making it look longer. Avoid rectangular frames. The best styles are round and wayfarer shades, semi-round wayfarer shades, and full round frames helping to visually mask our longer faces, which tend to be slimmer.

TS wayfarer sunglasses

The TS wayfarer sunglasses adopt steel sheet integral molding, according to official fatigue tests. They will permanently deform no more than 5mm. The frame is based on gun color and weighs only 24g, which is light. It is the classic square frame, and the shape is cool. The temple adopts the innovative design of no screws and no solder joints. The skin-friendly silica gel material is used for the nose pad, which is soft and non-skid and can be worn firmly. The nylon polarized lenses are used to effectively block ultraviolet rays and dazzling light. UV-400 (block all ultraviolet rays, can reflect and absorb ultraviolet rays 100%) can protect the eyes in the fierce sunshine.

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