From where can I buy sunglasses of my style

From where can I buy sunglasses of my style?

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In the previous article, we discussed “Do cat-eye sunglasses suit the most face shapes?”. In this article, let’s talk about “From where can I buy sunglasses of my style?”.

Bolon Sunglasses

As the representative of domestic sunglasses, through the accumulation of these years, it has been a brand that everyone knows about. But we have to admit, it is representative of a group of domestic brands. in the past few years, it has been better and better, no matter from the quality of products, or after-sales service and so on. They are more and more mature.

Dior Sunglasses

Dior is very familiar to everyone. Not only bags and clothes are favored by the majority of people, but sunglasses have also become a single item for basic people. Stars also like to wear Dior sunglasses.  The elaborate design of the Dior sunglasses style can be seen from its carved details, innovative technology, and excellent lines and outlines.  In addition to the elegant logo, the sunglasses themselves also attract the public eye. They are works of art combining their sharp silhouette and avant-garde design and color, aesthetic design with sophisticated manufacturing technology.  The fluent line that dissolves into the design of the fashionable dress makes a person have a brand-new feeling.

Momsen Sunglasses

It is another domestic brand with a slightly lower profile than Bolon. Momsen has a slightly lower price than Bolon.  Compared with other brands, it highlights the sharp brand personality of Momsen, which is simple and powerful, with edges and corners, symbolizing Momsen people's unique self-rebellion and distinctive personality.  Momsen sunglasses brings a unique international vision with the participation of top Italian designers. The young design team captures the slightest trend changes with a keen fashion sense and makes every pair of sunglasses form the shape with precise craft. 

Prosun Sunglasses

Prosun is also a well-known brand in domestic sunglasses, and it is a very conscientious domestic brand. The price is not high, but Prosun pays more attention to polarized frames. They have been concentrating on the optical frame of sunglasses, so in the domestic sunglasses market, Prosun has one of the highest relative cost performance.

Recommend Koala Eye

The factors to consider in choosing a suitable pair of frames include gender, age, occupation, and clothing matching. The most important aspect is to consider the collocation with the face shapes. Koala Eye sunglasses are fashionable, light, and when wearing the vision is very good, especially in the case of strong sunlight. The simple design and high-quality frame can meet your needs. Wearing sunglasses will neither affect the photo effect, but also can play a very good shading effect. Meanwhile, the quality is reliable, and most importantly, the price must be affordable.

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