Is the price of men's sunglasses related to quality?

Is the price of men's sunglasses related to quality?

The quality of your sunglasses is critical.

Qualified sunglasses indicate a UV label. You can hold your glasses up to the sunlight and see through the lenses, and the lens surface is particularly clear, with no defects, bubbles, cracks. Poor quality sunglasses have no UV logo and are made of plastic or eyewear factory scraps. You can discover lens surface layer has a decorative pattern that had worn through the lens. They will make you feel dizzy, and have visual deformation, appearing cloudy.

In addition, wearing sunglasses without UV protection is more dangerous than not wearing sunglasses at all, which can damage your eyesight instead of protecting your eyes.

Lens quality affects the price.

Lenses with high definition quality have a long service life. Choose the correct color of the lens, and the color is mainly gray, tawny, and dark green. Good lenses work better in certain environments, but bad lenses can only filter a portion of the light, causing the iris to open and expose to more UV light, and causing damage to the eye.

Some businesses even choose to use ordinary plastic, causing eye fatigue. Because visual color is too large, with deformation, and light transmission is not high, wearing substandard sunglasses will make the long-term vision be damaged.

Precio de ventaDesde
Precio de ventaDesde

Lens material affects the price

Lens material is divided into glass, resin, PC lens, etc. The glass sheet has excellent optical properties. It is not easy to scratch and has a high refractive index. But the material is heavy, easy to break, and safety is not high. Resin lens’s light in weight, not easy to break, and can block UV, with anti-fog, high light transmission. Because the thermal conductivity of resin lenses is lower than glass, it is not easy to produce fuzzy phenomena because of steam and water heaters. It can also block UV rays, which is better than glass lenses. The weight of the PC lens is very light, and the surface is very smooth, which can effectively resist ultraviolet rays.PC lens is not easy to yellow.

Stabilize the price with quality

While enjoying the benefits of market foresight, the sellers should not forget to use the profits to promote quality research. Efforts should be made in terms of operational efficiency, turnover efficiency, and reduction of inventory share. Of course, there are professional technical aspects of further research and development, optimize the production process and production line process, to reduce the cost. Moreover, in the market, the selling price should be lowered actively, not passively, to keep ahead.

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