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Do you wear sunglasses when running?

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In the previous article, we discussed “Sunglasses When Driving”. In this article, let’s talk about “Do you wear sunglasses when running?”.

For most of our people, whether young or elderly, men or women, sports and health are two of the main themes in our life. However, whether you are running, cycling, golfing, fishing, walking, swimming, or hiking, carrying a small helper is really necessary. That is the sunglasses. It is not for athletes only but a very common helper for the majority. Here are few reasons why you need to protect your eyes and how.

Do you wear sunglasses when running?

Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Belly Hadid, Paris Hilton, Rihana, Justin Beiber. Every year, thousands of people are crazed for celebrity-style sunglasses, bags, shoes. Recently, Adam Levine drives his fans crazy when he wears a polo t-shirt and Persol Sunglasses, showing off his tattoo. Another great example. Ali Larter is so radiant in her purple sweater, which really goes well with her red lips, but the most remarkable is her accessories-the sunglasses which make her look so glamorous!(

Why should I wear sunglasses when running?

Of course, wearing a pair of stylish sunglasses while running is extremely cool. But the most important reason is that a perfect and suitable sunglasses could effectively protect your eyes against the hazard sunlight and keep your eyes comfortable at any time in your routine, especially when you are a huge outdoor activity lover. Every year, thousands of people are suffering pain from the sun light which makes their eyes sensitive. The glare from the sun including the long-wave ultraviolet radiation are not only a big threat to your skin but will do great harm to your eyes.

Is it good to wear sunglasses when running?

It is not unusual to see people or even dogs cats wearing sunglasses everywhere in nowadays. However, people are normally wearing glasses for different reasons. Of course, it is hard to deny the fashionable style we want from the sunglasses. However, the most important is that the sunglasses are not only a great helper for protecting your eyes to see things more comfortably, but they also protect your eyes from dust or debris. If you squint your eyes very often, you should wear the sunglasses. Because of the dangerous effect from the UV rays, your eyes are easy to dry, so keep a pair of sunglasses in your daily time. The sunglasses also boost your confidence too no matter where you are. Do you want to look older than your age? Of course, everyone will say no. So please keep a pair for yourself.

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What are the effects of not wearing sunglasses?

The UVA has long been proved to be dangerous for people’s eyes and skins. To lower the risk, people tend to take the sunscreen cream and sunglasses. If you stay under the radiation of the UVA or UVB without useful protection for your eyes, it will cause eternal damage to your eyes.Then a series of illness related to eyes will come subsequently, including cataract, which is a condition that affects the transparency of the lenses.

What are the best sunglasses for running?

You must have a big question, so which sunglasses is suitable for running? The answer is, Light weighted, fit your eyes and face, and block the glare. Make sure to keep your sensitive eyes away from the hazard light, easy to carry, no easy breakage or scratches no matter you on the small path, a sports stadium, the park, or the restaurants.

First, safety should be the priority. Because of your sensitive eyes, a pair of sunglasses that could ensure fully UV protection is the best. There are so many similar kinds on sale everyday, the frames, functions, lenses, colors, styles are various from one to another. It would not be a difficult job to find them in the stores near where you live, or the shops online. The UV400 would provide total protection from UVA or UVB light rays.

Second, the lenses are critical for your eyes protection. There are polarized, non polarized and photochromic. As a runner, the polarized lenses are suitable. They could reduce glare very well, of course that depends on the quality you choose.

Third, you should make sure the it fit very well behind your eyes, the tightness of the arms are grip, and also for the nose bridge. Otherwise, the glasses are easy to slice off your faces.

Finally, you would absolutely have a headache for all day long if the glasses are too heavy to wear or carry. so you should choose a light weighted frame. The plastic or metal are good both good choices. That also depends on your consumption capacity. Metallic frames are usually solid and strong enough to protect your eyeglasses flying off. They are usually made from aluminium or titanium. Certainly the plastic are also light weighted, and cheaper, but not as strong as the metal.

Now do you have any candidates for your sunglasses now? Thank you for your time in reading our passage “Do you wear sunglasses when running?”. For more information about sunglasses and eyeglasses, please continue to follow Also, it is welcome to share and forward to Facebook and Twitter.


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