Can myopia be reversed naturally

Can myopia be reversed naturally?

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In the previous article, we discussed “Are any eyewear brands from Europe and America?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Can myopia be reversed naturally?”.


Using eyes at close range for a long time will cause ciliary muscle fatigue (any muscle will become tired if used too much), tired, paralyzed, and cramped. At this time, if you look at the distance, you feel that you cannot see things clearly. The loss of vision caused by ciliary muscle fatigue is temporary. Through simple training, enough rest, or even direct use of the product, the ciliary muscles can relax again and be able to look into the distance again. This is pseudomyopia.

True myopia

True myopia, also known as axial myopia, refers to the lengthening of the axis of the eye (even if the ciliary muscle is very loose) causing the focus to fall in front of the retina. Why does the eye axis become longer? Generally speaking, even when the ciliary muscles are fatigued, high-intensity eye use is still maintained, which causes the eyeballs to be strained, pressurized, and even congested to adjust the position of the retina. Eventually, the retina moves back and the eye axis is elongated. The current science believes that eye axis elongation is irreversible.(


To put it simply, the diopter needs to be adjusted by the lens when the ciliary muscle does not work. Generally, in the hospital, the measurement is done after the pupil dilation (the ciliary muscle is completely relaxed with liquid medicine so that it does not get strong). It can also be directly measured by an optical refractor because its principle is measured by the axis of the eye and is not interfered with by the ciliary muscle.

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Precio de ventaDesde

Naked eyesight

In life, we usually refer to it through the eye chart. The important point to note is that during this measurement, the ciliary muscle is involved. The way the ciliary muscle participates is by pulling the lens. When the lens is thinned, the focus will fall back, just on the retina that is shifted back.

The purpose of wearing glasses

The purpose of wearing glasses, we usually use to solve the part of the naked eye lack of vision, so it is usually matched with the naked eye. In real life, many hospitals and spectacle shops will also match according to the diopter. There are two reasons. One reason is that they don’t know the adjustment of the ciliary muscle. The other reason is that the adjustment ability of the ciliary muscle of people without special training can be ignored. Eyes with glasses must have enough power, otherwise, the eyes will be tired and myopia will be more likely to occur.

Can it heal itself?

With regard to pseudomyopia, there are many ways to quickly resolve it. Rest your eyes, roll your eyes, and look into the distance. Anyway, if you read less, don’t watch TV, or don’t look at your cell phone, you can recover within three days.

Regarding true myopia, because the eye axis lengthening is irreversible, this means that the diopter can only be increased, not decreased. But naked eyesight can be improved. The key lies in the adjustment of the ciliary muscle.

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