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Can carbon fiber glasses be adjusted?

Are carbon fiber glasses frames good? Carbon fiber frames are more corrosion resistant than titanium and other metal frames. They're also resistant to high temperatures, radiation and have good elasticity. This makes it a great choice for those who lead a very active lifestyle or are tough on their eyewear.

In the previous article, we discussed “Why are titanium glasses so expensive?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Can carbon fiber glasses be adjusted?”.

After wearing glasses for a long time, some problems will inevitably occur in the frames. Although these small problems will not cause much damage to our eyes at once, they can also affect the health of our eyes subtly. So how to adjust the spectacle frame? In fact, the adjustment steps of the spectacle frame are mainly divided into seven steps.


If you want to adjust your spectacle frame, you should have a check first. This is mainly to check the degree of wear of the glasses. Especially check whether there is any sign of sealing-off at the soldering point of the frame.

Tighten screws

After wearing glasses for a long time, some screws on the frame may show signs of loosening. At this time, we need to use a professional screwdriver to fasten the screws on the frame. After tightening, you should loosen it appropriately. Do not be too tight, otherwise, it may cause inconvenience during use.(

Adjust spectacle frame

The main purpose of the spectacle frame is to adjust the curvature of the mirror. The mirror curve refers to the angle between the plane lines of the two lenses. The usual mirror curve is generally between 170 degrees and 180 degrees. Adjusting the mirror curve is mainly based on the three parts,?face?shape, eyes, and nose.

Precio de ventaDesde
Precio de ventaDesde

Adjust opening angle

The adjustment of the opening angle is mainly for the metal frame. Two flat round pliers are required for adjustment. When adjusting, first use a flat round pliers to fix the pile head, and then use another pliers to adjust the opening?angle of the temples. The adjustment standard is generally 90 degrees-95 degrees.

Adjust the tilt angle of the temples

The inclination angle of the temples needs to be adjusted, indicating that the inclination angles of the temples on both sides are inconformity. If it is a metal frame, we need to prepare two pliers. Use a pair of pliers to clamp the end of the spectacles to make it immobile. Then use another pliers to clamp in front of the hinge of the temple, and adjust?the tilt angle. If it is a plastic frame, we need a heater. First heat the temples. After the temples become?softened, hold the frames with one hand and twist the temples with the other hand in the direction that needs to be adjusted until they are adjusted to the most suitable angle.

Nose pad adjustment

If the distance between the two nose pads is too far, just use professional pliers to clamp the bottom of the nose pads?and twist them toward the nose. If the distance between the nose pads is too close, use adjusting pliers to clamp the bottom of the nose pad bracket to the temporal direction. The standard for the adjustment of the nose pads must be that the surface of the nose pads are in full contact with the nasal bridge bone, and the distance between the lens and the eye must be 12mm.

Adjust details when trying on

Because everyone's face shape is different, the frame adjustment problem caused by the face shape is also the most difficult. Once our faces on the left and right sides are a little asymmetry, it will cause inconsistencies in the wearing of the frames. At this time, we can only constantly adjust the frame to achieve the best condition.

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