Are polarized sunglasses good for sports

Are polarized sunglasses good for sports?

In the previous article, we discussed “Do rimless glasses make you look older?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Are polarized sunglasses good for sports?”.

Sports sunglasses do different things.

Because of the variety of outdoor sports, including extreme cycling, outdoor mountaineering, jogging, skiing, golf, camping, and other sports, the functions of sports sunglasses are also different. Windproof goggles are suitable for sports enthusiasts and are suitable for long-term exercise in the outside world, especially in areas with strong wind and sand. The function of myopia sports glasses includes the performance of general myopia glasses, and have an anti-impact surface using PC material. And there is long-term exposure to the sun, strong and long time under the sun, so we need to buy polarized sports glasses.

Are polarized sunglasses suitable for sports?

In outdoor sports, people are usually exposed to sunlight for a long time, so they need to wear polarized sports glasses to protect their eyes. Polarized sunglasses consist of a balanced array of crystals, and this structure only conceded wavelengths by crystal balance. Light waves that vibrate at other angles are blocked altogether, effectively eliminating and filtering out the polarized light beam. The light can be put into the visual image of the eye on the right axis to strengthen the contrast, reduce reflection enhance the effect of landscape color. They can reduce the atmospheric fog phenomenon.

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Why should wear polarized sunglasses?

If the outdoor glasses selected can withstand sand and cold wind, it will greatly reduce the risk of outdoor sports and avoid the impact of eye discomfort on vision, resulting in accidents. Polarized sunglasses can resist ultraviolet light, and have the function of sunglasses. The main action of sunglasses of polarized light in summer is to prevent ultraviolet rays, protect an eye. The main action in spring and autumn days is to prevent sandstorms, and the action in winter still is to prevent sandstorms and to prevent ultraviolet rays. At the same time, it also filters the dazzling light reflected by the snow and other special sports sites to protect the eyes.

The Application of Polarized Sunglasses in Skiing

Snow goggles were originally designed to prevent snow blindness. But later the polarized light and ultraviolet radiation functions were added to prevent glare. The first function of the snow goggles is to effectively block ultraviolet light. And they prevent snow blindness. The second is to protect the eyes and face from the impact of external forces and injuries, and the third is to protect the skin of the face from the wind. If you want to ski, snow goggles are almost indispensable equipment. Skiing is easy to fall, and good snow goggles have a strong impact resistance. And they can ensure that the sun will not be reflected on the snow to stimulate the eyes.

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