Why would wearing sunglasses help reduce anxiety

Why would wearing sunglasses help reduce anxiety?

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In the previous article, we discussed “Why do professional poker players wear sunglasses?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Why would wearing sunglasses help reduce anxiety?”.

Everyone knows that the role of sunglasses is to prevent ultraviolet rays, wind, and dust, and better protect the eyes。 However, do you know that the sun also has the function of reducing anxiety?

What is anxiety?

The usual manifestations of anxiety are phobia, panic attack, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, physical disorder and anxiety disorder, emotional outbursts, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Social anxiety is a normal state. Everyone will feel this way at some point so everyone has a certain degree of understanding of social anxiety.

Is anxiety a disease?

Social anxiety is normal, and this feeling cannot be avoided no matter what you do. So instead of trying to avoid it in vain and looking for a 'cure' method, it is better to focus on learning how to reduce its adverse consequences. Don’t let social anxiety cause trouble and affect daily life.

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Wearing sunglasses can help reduce anxiety

People with anxiety usually have panic, chest tightness, anxiety similar to fear, and always want to hide away when they are occasion where there are many people. Wearing masks and sunglasses has a hidden effect so that people can’t see our facial expressions, which helps people relieve anxiety.

What kind of sunglasses can help reduce anxiety?

In fact, sunglasses, which can hide your eyes can alleviate anxiety. But you still have to buy sunglasses through regular channels. You can choose some brand sunglasses. At the same time, do not wear sunglasses all day indoors, as this will cause damage to the glasses.

The definition of anxiety has a large range. Sunglasses only can play the role of relieving anxiety. Anxious patients should pay more attention to their own inner experiences and try to fully express it. Don't keep too much anxiety and bad emotional experiences inside yourselves, and communicate more with others. When communicating with others to share your emotional stress, you will feel that anxiety is not terrible.

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