Why are sunglasses more popular with women than with men

Why are sunglasses more popular with women than with men?

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In the previous article, we discussed “Where can I wholesale children's sunglasses?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Why are sunglasses more popular with women than with men?”.

Nowadays, more and more people would like to wear sunglasses when they go outsides because sunglasses can not only protect our eyes under the sun but also make us look cool and charming. However, walking in the street, I find that there are more women wearing sunglasses than men. Why?(https://www.koalaeye.com/collections/polarized-sunglasses)

Sunglasses Are More Popular With Women

It is easy to find that there are more women wearing sunglasses than men and sunglasses are more popular with women than men. I think it may be due to the different ways men and women view sunglasses. When a man looks at sunglasses, he will look at them as a means of protecting eyes, reducing glare, and making it easier to see when outdoors. He tends to look less at the overall look of the sunglasses, but rather focuses on how well they work for their functions. However, he doesn’t completely ignore the look of the sunglasses, but he certainly pays more attention to the function. In contrast, a woman will purchase sunglasses merely for the look. She views them more as a fashion accessory first, and then as a functional item. She would be more inclined to pick a pair of sunglasses that look better but perform slightly less well than another pair she views as less fashionable. Finally, I think the shopping habit between women and men is different. That is another reason why sunglasses is more popular with women than men. When a men need to buy sunglasses, he will just buy one of the sunglasses that meet his needs. However, women will think more about collocation. Oversized sunglasses match the casual style, while aviator sunglasses match the vacation style. She needs different kinds of sunglasses to match her clothing, so she will buy more sunglasses.


Men’s Sunglasses And Women’s Sunglasses

Most of the sunglasses are divided into men's and women's styles, only a few more neutral styles can be worn by men and women. People's awareness of protecting glasses is getting higher and higher, and people with no prescription (myopia, astigmatism) have also begun to wear sunglasses. Colored sunglasses can highlight individuality and are more fashionable. Brown and green do not change the color of things. The strong contrast between the frames and lenses can better reflect the demeanor and vitality of men, and people who wear contact lenses can also wear sunglasses.

How Do Sunglasses Distinguish Men And Women?

From the perspective of the style and the shape of the frame, the styles of women's styles are more rounded, and the styles of men's styles are mostly square, but some styles are neutral. Men's frames are more traditional, and women's glasses frames have more detailed patterns. Some of them have printed patterns. The designs and styles are not the same. You can distinguish from these small details.

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