What is considered protective eyewear

What is considered protective eyewear?

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In the previous article, we discussed “What are TR90 glasses?“. In this article, let’s talk about “What is considered protective eyewear?”.

What are protective glasses?

Safety glasses must meet higher impact resistance standards than regular glasses, which optical professionals sometimes refer to as 'decorative glasses.' This higher standard applies to the lenses and frames of safety glasses and goggles. There are two types of safety glasses: prescription safety glasses and over-the-counter safety glasses. Routine prescription glasses do not qualify as safety glasses unless they meet certain criteria. ANSI standards for eye safety cover several types of eye protection devices, including eyeglasses (prescription and over-the-counter), goggles, face masks, etc.

Why do we need protective eyewear?

They protect the eyes and prevent injuries that may be caused by the debris. These protective sports goggles ensure that ecological air flows into the glasses. Ring ventilation glasses have a safe vent to allow outside air to flow. It protects the eyes from fog, liquids, vapors, and residues. These glasses protect the eyes from possible damage from splashes, like debris and wood chips. Indirect ventilation glasses or direct ventilation goggles provide adequate insurance against the harmful effects of residues. Safety glasses and masks are needed to protect your eyes and face from heat damage.

Different Types of Protective Eyewear

To prevent flying objects or debris, safety glasses are used. Some glasses protect against harmful radiation like blue and ultraviolet light. Safety goggles are personal protective equipment that can be used by anyone, especially those workers who need to protect their eyes in the workplace. You can use these safety glasses on any different lens, it's transparent, polarized, colored, or anti-fog. This is a type of protective eyewear used by athletes at games, especially football. It is usually a bent piece of plastic attached to an athlete's face mask to protect their eyes from direct sunlight. The goggles not only block harmful UV rays but prevent players from getting injured during the game. The mask protects not only your eyes but your whole face. This safe eye and face wear protects the wearer from hazards from flying objects, debris, chemical splashes, or infectious materials.

Some ANSI Standards for Safety Glasses

OTC lenses used for high-impact testing are considered structurally weaker than prescription lenses made of the same material. Prescription lenses are usually thicker. Thin prescription safety lenses are now allowed if they meet high-impact test requirements. The lens must not have cracks, shards, and it must not fall off the lens bracket. All glass safety lenses must pass this test.

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