What color glasses frames should I get

What color glasses frames should I get?

In the previous article, we discussed “Why is Zenni Optical so cheap?”. In this article, let’s talk about “What color glasses frames should I get?”.

What color glasses frames can people with black skin get?

Wear glasses according to their own needs. Wear them comfortably, with temperament and style. Colors vary from person to person and should match your face shape/skin tone. Of course, it is not suitable for people with dark skin to wear white frames, which will form a strong contrast. But if blindly pursue that the color of the glasses and the skin should be consistent, it will make facial ministry look too bleak again, so people with dark color skin had better choose the color brighter. I wear the frame with gray, dark blue, lilac, aureate, or deep cream, it will look very beautiful.

What color glasses frames can people with white skin get?

Your white complexion can blend with any popular color. The frame of bright colors such as reddish can foil vigor most. Purple and yellow frames can show exuberant vitality. The color of the frame should be close to the face, or the color contrast is easy to form the feeling that the face is divided, which makes the face shorter. A-frame without a bottom tends to visually blend in with the skin tone and doesn't shorten the lower part of the face.

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What color glasses frames can people with yellow skin get?

A little bit wider or narrower frame can make a big difference. The person with pale yellow skin must not choose a cool tone, such as aqua blue, light green, which can make the person haggard in that way. And the pink, lilac frames can make the person looks bright and delicate. People with a ruddy complexion have a wide range of choices: light green, olive, etc., and will look healthy and full of vitality.

Choose color glasses frames according to your job position.

Each person's view is different, so go to the optician shop to choose and compare repeatedly. You must be able to match the glasses suitable for you. If you are a younger office worker, you can choose tortoiseshell, amber color. Government affairs, business personage can choose silver, black, gray, golden, and other metallic color. For the design, it is suggested to choose the half-frame of thin edge and rimless. Because this kind of glasses frame can make a person gentle, elegant. The lady will be contracted and capable, and the man can reveal the gentlemanly bearing.

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