What are the best glasses for running

What are the best glasses for running?

In the previous article, we discussed “Are Polarized sunglasses good for motorcycle riding?”. In this article, let’s talk about “What are the best glasses for running?”.

I believe that many runners with glasses, in the running process, if the glasses move up and down, will be very uncomfortable. When sweating, it can also cause your glasses to slip. Therefore, you need a pair of professional running glasses.

Benefits of running sports glasses

1. Anti-UV. The high-tech UV coating of professional sports running sunglasses can filter 95% to 0% of UV rays.

2. Anti-glare. Sunglasses can soften the weakened bright light. In the outdoor light environment changes, sunglasses make more comfortable to ensure smooth running.

3. Prevent foreign objects into the eye, such as spring dust, moths. In running process, a small thing will enter into the eyes easily. Wear glasses can effectively prevent foreign objects into the eye.

4. Lightweight. Light enough sunglasses don't put too much of a burden on runners and can also effectively avoid bouncing around on the bridge of your nose while running.(https://www.koalaeye.com/blogs/our-stories)

Rudy Project FOTONYK

Rudy Project has been focusing on sunglasses, helmets, goggles and other sports accessories for 33 years, with Rudy Project leading the way in sunglasses. FOTONYK features shock absorbers made of soft and comfortable elastic polymers, 360-degree adjustable nasal support, anti-allergy bionic anti-slip rubber, which ensures more stability of the lenses during running and protects the user from face cushioning in the event of an accidental fall during a running exercise. FOTONYK use the color-changing technology of IMPATX lens to be instantly darkened when expose to strong light. Protect your eyes by changing the transmission rate of light through discoloration of the lenses, completely protecting against UV rays, bright light. The glasses weigh just 25.3 grams, reducing the burden on runners.

Sports Sunglasses For Men  | KOALAEYESports Sunglasses For Men  | KOALAEYE
Angebotspreis$39.00 USD
Rectangle Sunglasses  For Men | KOALAEYERectangle Sunglasses  For Men | KOALAEYE
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JULBO's run-and-ride mirror AEROLITE uses a fully open frameless design and upgrades the lenses to reduce the weight to 22 grams. AEROLOTE's wearing comfort comes not only from its 22 grams, but also from its two special designs, 3D nose pads and shock-absorbing anti-slip temples. AEROLITE uses a Zebra light lens that remains stable after a significant change in temperature.

Nike Bandit

The frame design reduces wind resistance during motion. Temples and nose pads can be automatically adjusted to the optimum angle according to the athlete's face shape. The nose pads adopt the 'suspended' design, but glasses can still be fixed and ensure wearing comfort, achieving shock absorption and promote airflow at the same time. Temples use new materials, which can keep dry all the time. The inside of the soft glue can enhance air flow, drain sweat, improve the comfort of wearing. Several breathable holes are provided at the top of the frame to facilitate air circulation and prevent mist and moisture from coagulating.

Sunski Headland

The sunglasses are comfortable to wear all day, with no compression around the temples and ears, and it also uses metal hinges. The frame features an unusually transparent design that is simple and fun. It is said that after years of research and development, Sunski has finally found a way to make frames out of recycled plastic. And these sunglasses, made of recycled plastic, not only have a good look, but also are comfortable to wear. There are three styles for new sunglasses made of durable and flexible renewable plastic, Portolas, Manresas and Chalets.

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