how to prevent myopia from worsening

4 Suggestions - How to Prevent Myopia from Worsening

Myopia, also called nearsightedness, is caused by a distortion in the shape of the eyeball. Due to the slight distortion, images are located on the front of the retina rather than directly onto the retina. Therefore, those with myopia probably see objects very well when they are up close, but they have difficulty seeing things that are far away.

Most patients with myopia often wear glasses or contact lenses to correct their vision. But these things do not prevent myopia from worsening. So, how to prevent myopia from worsening? If you do not know, keep on your reading and you will find solutions here.

How to Prevent Myopia from Worsening?

In this section, we will show you some suggestions to prevent myopia from worsening.

1.Spend More Time Outside

If you want to prevent myopia from worsening, you can try to spend more time outside. Myopia worsens when one spends too much time in a state of near focus. Activities such as reading for a long time can lead to this condition worse. So, to prevent myopia from becoming worsen, you can choose to spend more time outside.

2.Follow 20-20-20 Rule

As mentioned above, myopia worsens when one spends too much time looking at objects that are in near focus. This includes your computer and cell phone screens. This action will inevitably worsen the condition of your eyes. So, in order to prevent your eyes from worsening, you can choose to give your eyes a 20- minute break every 20 minutes. It is beneficial to give your eyes a break from looking at the harsh light of the screen.


3.Vision Therapy

If you are serious about trying to prevent myopia from worsening, you may want to consider adopting a daily of eye exercises. Those who spend many hours a day at school or work at a desk job may want to consider spending time to exercise the eye. Vision therapy utilizes eye movements such as convergence, fusion, and accommodation. Once you have built strength up in the eye muscle, you can reduce the amount of time you spend doing vision therapy.

4.Talk to Your Doctor

As for how to stop vision from getting worse, you can talk to your eye doctor for some advice. They will show you how to stop myopia from getting worse.

To sum up, this post from Koalaeye Optical has shown how to prevent myopia from worsening. If you have any better ideas for stopping vision from getting worse, share them in the comment zone. If you have any problems with glasses or sunglasses, contact us via the email and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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