how to know if you need glasses

How to Know If You Need Glasses? 10 Signs You Need Glasses

Have you ever asked yourself ‘Do I need glasses’? Do you know how to tell if you need glasses by yourself at home? Sometimes, you may notice your vision is fading and it is inconvenient for you to visit the local eye doctor at once. Hence, you can check your eyesight at home and there are 10 signs to help you check whether you need glasses.

10 Signs You Need Glasses

1. Blurred Vision

If you find that you can’t recognize something 10 steps away or you can’t see something at a very close distance, you may be developing farsightedness or nearsightedness. If you find it difficult to see something both near and far, it may be astigmatism, which is a common eyesight issue. For mild eyesight blurry vision, you can rest your eyes and keep them hydrated. If the problem persists, you need to see the local eye doctor and take an eye exam.

2. Difficulty Seeing at Night

How to know if you need glasses? If you find that it is difficult for you to see at night, your eye vision is fading or you may suffer early cataracts. In this situation, you need to take an eye exam as soon as possible and you may need glasses.

3. Difficulty Adjusting from Dark to Light

Here is another sign to check whether you need glasses. You can check whether it is difficult or it takes a long time to adjust from dark to light. If so, some vision problems may occur.

4. Difficulty Seeing the Close Object

If you find that it is hard to see the close object, such as struggling to read the computer, you may be experiencing a clue to farsightedness. If this problem persists for a long time, take a professional eye exam. You can also read the post Do you need glasses if you are farsighted to find more information.

5. Eye Strain or Fatigue

How to know if you need glasses? If your eyes feel strain or fatigue after reading a short time, such as 20 minutes, you may need the glasses. Eye fatigue results from blurry vision or when you regularly squint or blink to bring items into focus.


6. Frequent Headaches

You may feel strange that the vision problem will lead to headaches. As a result. it is true. The eye strain will lead to headaches. Therefore, if you suffer frequent headaches, you can check whether it is affected by the eye problem.

7. Double Vision

Double vision is a serious problem since it indicates a problem with your cornea or eye muscles. So, if you suffer double vision problems, visit the local eye doctor.

8. Wavy Vision

Here is another sign you need glasses. If you suffer the wavy vision, you may need to see a doctor and need the glasses. The wavy vision usually is a sign of macular degeneration, the deterioration of the central portion of the retina, and a leading cause of vision loss.

9. Halos

If you see halos around the objects, your eyes may have night vision or cataracts problems. In this situation, you may need glasses.

10. Eye Pressure

If you feel pressure around the eye, it may be a sign of developing glaucoma. Thus, you can see a doctor and take some measures.

Apart from the above signs, you can check before wearing glasses, the most recommended action is to see a local eye doctor and take some professional measures. If you need the glasses, you can choose them online such as the Koalaeye or other optical stores.

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