How to choose the sunglasses in summer?

How to choose sunglasses for summer?

In the previous article, we discussed “Can you use rubbing alcohol to clean glasses?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Can you use rubbing alcohol to clean glasses?”.

For a long period of time, we notice that the sun's scream and the parasol are two essential things for our summer holidays. However, most of us neglect something important. A helpful pair of sunglasses also plays a significant role in our summer seasons especially when we are staying under the bright sunlight. Unfortunately, we don’t have much knowledge about sunglasses. How to check the capacity of glare blocking? what is the difference between polarized and glare prevention? How to choose the sunglasses if we are short-sighted? These are the questions that we still have no clear answers to. Therefore, it is necessary to share something necessarily that you should know when you are choosing sunglasses. Meanwhile, I would like to do some tests for 6 categories of the sunglasses I bought which are ranging from 28 yuan to 28 yuan. Regarding the sunglasses, let's start with the capacity of UVA or UVB prevention.

The factors that impacts on the capacity of UVA and UVB prevention

Normally, there are two factors impact on the capacity of for UVA or UVB prevention. First, if the lenses have sufficient capacity for UVA or UVB prevention. Second, whether the sizes and tightness fit you well. And the harm to your eyes which is caused by the UVA or UVB depends on two factors. One is the eyes and the other is the skin around your eyes. If your eyes are exposed to the the super glare, which will caused contrasts and ARMD at a higher rate. About the skin around your eyes, the UVA and UVB will accelerate the generation of your winkles and pigmentation.(

Do your sunglasses have uv protection?

There are two standard for execution. QB2457-1999 and GB8.3-2006. they are the guarantee for at least 95% UVA prevention and 99% UVB prevention. These two standards are well accepted by different countries in the world. The standard for UVA transparency between 1-3 categories are the same, which are below 5%.

Aviator Sunglasses | Aviator Sunglasses Polarized | KOALAEYEAviator Sunglasses | Aviator Sunglasses Polarized | KOALAEYE
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Tortoiseshell Acetate Round Frame Sunglasses  | KOALAEYECaleb
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How can you tell if sunglasses have UV protection?

Now in order to test the practical effect, we use the UVA or UVB radiation measurement to check the wavelength between 315nm-390nm, and see if they could meet the standard at 5%. Finally, we found that the few brands including Ray Ban, Burke Pooh, PARZIN, Helen Keller, BOLON, PROSUN. However, even though all of the brands we tested meet the standard, it does not mean all of the sunglasses sold in the market meet the requirement. Therefore, whenever you are buying the sunglasses, the first thing you need to do is to ask the service staffs if the the sunglasses have the capacity for UVA or UVB prevention. Secondly, you must pay attention to the labels and make sure they meet the relevant execution standards which are mentioned above. About the area of the surfaces of the lenses and the fitness. This is really an easy questions. The larger area the lenses have, more fitness could be ensured and you will have better protection against the UVA or UVB. To realize it, nothing could be more simple than make some practise in the stores or shops. If you decide to buy them online, just make sure they fit you well before making payment. Because of the difference about the height of the cheekbone, the width of your face and the height of the bridge of the noses etc, you have to pay more attention about these problems. Even if you are wearing the same pair of the sunglasses, there will be difference between the fitness for different individuals.

What color tine is best for sunglasses?

The answer is NO. As long as the sunglasses meet the standards which we mentioned above, there will not be a problem. The color of the lenses would impact only on the visible light which is acceptable for human’s eyes. However, they have no impact on the transparency for the UVA or UVB. No matter you are using the brown or blue sunglasses, you can choose either under the circumstances without consideration of the influence of the visible light.

Do black sunglasses have better UV protection?

For many years, people have the misunderstanding about the color of the sunglasses, however, black sunglasses do not have a stronger capacity for UVA or UVB prevention better than the other color sunglasses. If you have such kind of thought, that means you have confused the concepts between ultraviolet and visible light. Actually, the color of the sunglasses only has an influence on the transparency of the light, so if you choose the sunglasses with dark color, it will cause darker vision, our pupil will have automatic adjustment according to the light or darkness of the vision. The sunglasses with dark color may cause more harm to your eyes. If your vision is darker, your pupil will become much larger. If such a pair of sunglasses has no better UVA or UVB prevention, more ultraviolet will go directly into your eyes which may cause more risk to your eyes.

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