How do you choose clip-on sunglasses

What are the best clip-on sunglasses?

In the previous article, we discussed “How do I find the right glasses for my face shape?“. In this article, let’s talk about “What are the best clip-on sunglasses?”.

Choose the right lenses.

The current types of sunglasses clips are colored lenses, coated lenses, and yellow lenses. And the yellow lens is mostly used in shooting competitions, which can help competitors see the surrounding situation well. Colored lenses, which filter UV and sunlight very well, are more expensive than other types. Finally, the coated lens can effectively protect the eyes and is very cool to wear. The size of the lens and the mounting frame should match. Choose a style that is resistant to scratches, deformation, and shattering. You have to consider how it fits with the size of your eyes, the shape of your face, your eyebrows, your nose, in other words, how comfortable it is to wear.

Check if the sunglasses clips have a polarizing effect.

A polarized lens helps us distinguish between reflected light and bright light, whether it's for people fishing, skiing, or driving. Under normal conditions, sunglasses clips will have this function, but regular brands will have polarized light test cards. If it is a polarized sunglasses clip, it is needed to observe the polarized angle and radian designed according to the principle of precision optics, in order to wear comfortably.


Check if there is a UV protection function.

When buying sunglasses clips, consumers must make sure that the product has UV protection. If they only have the filter function and do not have an anti-UV function, it is not 0 percent to block the ultraviolet radiation. The damage to the eyes can not be avoided. Third, check the structure of sunglasses clips. If it's not a regular brand, it's usually made of iron, which can scratch the lens easily and even cause damage to the eyes.

Look at the brand and quality of the clips.

Check the clips of sunglasses. If they are not made of the right brand, they are usually made of iron. If you want to buy, be careful to distinguish the brand and know the quality of the product, because it is used in different ways. So if you want a really good sunglasses clip, then when it comes to brand selection, you should make the appropriate choice to ensure that it really plays a very good role.

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