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How can you tell if Fendi sunglasses are real?

In the previous article, we discussed “What are the strange phenomena when wearing a polarizer?”. In this article, let’s talk about “How to take care of your sunglasses?"

Look at branded retail boxes.

The logo and font must be consistent with those used by Fendi. Some older models may differ in style and color. Real Fendi sunglasses have a certificate of authenticity and a warranty. If the spacing and alignment of the glasses are wrong, they are fake. On the other side of the card is a Fendi hologram. The metal tags on the inner pockets are positive and negative F logo and marked with the place of origin. The fake Fendi seen on the market does not have this metal listing.

Look at the Fendi logo.

Fendi sunglasses print the "ISO" Logo on the top right corner of the right lens, and it curves along with the lens rather than sticking to it. Among other things, there will be an "RB" on the left side of the lens. Sunglasses with plastic frames will be printed with a white or black logo on each temple, along with the manufacturing factory code and the origin label. Fendi sunglasses have a model starting with the letter F on the left temple. Fendi sunglasses have the name 'Made in Italy' printed on the right temple with the letter CE for European Consistence. Each pair of Fendi sunglasses have a rag with the Fendi logo. Check if the logo is consistent with the official Fendi logo and if the embossing is clean.


Inspect nose pad and hinge.

If your glasses have nose pads, they have the Fendi logo engraved in the metal. Then you can check the size of the lenses and frames. Check that these details match the label. The last check focused on the hinges -- the knockoffs were not made of metal and had screws to hold them. Check their movement - it should be simple and smooth. If not, you're probably wearing fake Fendi glasses.

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