How can I reduce myopia

How can I reduce myopia?

In the previous article, we discussed “Why do nose pads turn green?”. In this article, let’s talk about “How can I reduce myopia?”.

Outdoor Activities

Although research is ongoing, recent controlled trials have shown that children who spend more time outdoors (up to 14 hours or more per week) have lower rates of myopia metastasis and axial elongation than children who spend less time outdoors. Outdoor activities can reduce myopia. Just spending a little time outdoors can make a difference.

Wear glasses or contact lenses.

Make an appointment with your eye doctor. An ophthalmologist can prescribe corrective lenses and make recommendations on how to improve your vision. Ask your doctor about any concerns you have about treatment and anyways you can help protect your vision. Talk to your doctor about your symptoms (like blurry vision or headache), so you can get the best advice.

Reduce the use of electronic devices.

Reduce the use of mobile phones, computers, and other electronic products. Now many people are basically staring at the screen of mobile phones and computers every day, combined with the uneven brightness of mobile phone screens, great harm to the eyes. Many preliminary studies have linked close work activities, like using a cell phone or computer, to myopia. A close reading of about 20cm and long reading of more than 45 minutes can cause eye strain and exacerbate myopia.

Change the lifestyle.

Avoid reading in a dimly lit room. Choose a book with a large type and make sure it's not held too close to your face. Pay attention to eye hygiene. Reduce the time spent using the eyes. Maintain eye distance. Eat healthy food that helps protect your eyesight. A diet rich in vitamins and minerals can improve your overall health and help maintain your vision. Proper nutrition increases protein and vitamin intake. Strengthen the exercise and enhances the body quality. Take supplements of vitamins A, C, and E and minerals.

Eye Exercises

Do eye exercises can well reduce eye fatigue. Many people think that eye exercises are only suitable for young people to protect the eyes, so they feel that there is not too much effect. Adhere to do a few minutes every day, and it can not only reduce eye fatigue but relieve the myopia of the eyes.

Wear sunglasses.

When you are in nature or looking far away, your eyes are fully relaxed. When traveling, wear beautiful and stylish sunglasses to reduce the damage to the eyes of the outside light. When choosing sunglasses, try to go to the regular glasses shop to buy them. Sunglasses with poor quality can not only protect the eyes but cause harm to the eyes.

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