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4 Tips - How to Tell If Ray Bans Are Real or Fake

Ray Ban is one of the most popular and famous sunglasses brands around the world. So, some unreliable retailers may use the fake Ray Bans as the genuine ones. When you get a new pair of Ray Bans eyeglasses, can you tell if it is real or fake? If not, keep on your reading, this post will show you how to tell if Ray Bans are real or not.

How to Tell If Ray Bans Are Real?

In this section, we will show you how to tell if Ray Bans are real.

1.Check the Package

When you get the Ray Bans, you should check the package first and make sure that the packaging is complete. Box, case, microfiber cloth, and booklet are all part of a proper Ray-Ban package. If one element is missing, you may get a fake. However, even though all things are here, you should also be careful and you should pay attention to some details.

You could spot fake Ray Bans from the following details: The logo on the front of the box is printed in poor quality or can be wiped off with a finger. There is no sticker with the manufacturer and the model information on the side of the box. If there is no logo on the case, it would be fake Ray Bans. If there is no logo on the microfiber cloth, it is fake.

2.Check the Frame

How to spot fake Ray Bans? You can also check the frame. Look closely at both temples of the sunglasses. You will find there should be code indicating the number and color of the model on the inside left side. The code usually started with the letters RB and four digits, followed by more numbers and letters.

3.Check the Lenses

There will be ‘RB’ and the Ray-Ban logo etched on the lenses if they are real. Ray-Ban polarized lenses will have ‘Ray-Ban P’ etched on the top corner of the lens. If your sunglasses don’t have these features, it would be fake.


4.Check the Nose Pads

As for how to tell real Ray Bans, you can also check the nose pads. There is a Ray-Ban logo embossed in the center of the nose pads of the real deal Ran-Bay sunglasses. And the nose pads on the metal Ray-Bans will either be transparent or light peach color. So, if you can’t find these on your sunglasses, they would be fake Ray Bans.

So, in order to choose the real Ray Bans, you had better buy them from a registered dealer. Besides the famous Ray Ban sunglasses, you can also try some cheap sunglasses, such as Koalaeye Optical, which provides eyeglasses, sunglasses, progressive glasses, driving glasses, and so on. You can choose them online.

If you have any different ideas of how to tell if Ray Bans are real, you can share them in the comment zone. If you have any queries about glasses, you can contact us via the email service@koalaeye.com.

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