Do you know some of the latest sunglasses for men?

Do you know some of the latest sunglasses for men?


Said to be the thinnest folding frame in the world, it is made of 0.6mm thin stainless steel and treated with both UVA and UVB polarized light. The whole frame is no more than 15g. Sunglasses lenses are UV - resistant and scratch-resistant. After folding, they are ultra-thin and can be carried around in a wallet-thickness case.


Parim Sunglasses 1124

Parim is the most cost-effective sunglasses brand in China. This aviator design is not worse than Ray-Ban and other 1000 yuan glasses in style. However, because the lens of Parim is not a very popular TAC material, so it can be understood that its design is not lost to the big brand. Although the lens material of these glasses is ordinary, the details are quite good, the temples of the lens are non-slip processed, with a streamlined design and no face pinching.

Prosun Sunglasses for men C11

These sunglasses are specially designed for the outdoors. Unlike other sunglasses, they have a larger curve, which fits the face better and protects the eyes from damage.

Both wear resistance and polarized performance of the nylon lenses are first-class. It is not dazzling and very clear under the hot sun. A polarized lens, the best design, performance, and material are very suitable for outdoor sports, cycling, and driving.

Round Vintage Glasses | Vintage Sunglasses | KOALAEYERound Vintage Glasses | Vintage Sunglasses | KOALAEYE
Angebotspreis$44.00 USD

Ray-Ban Sonnenbrille Caravan Sunglasses

In the sunglasses design, you can adjust your nose pad, and the temples can be said to be very comfortable. And each has an anti-counterfeiting mark, and can effectively against UV, UVA, UVB. They pay attention to the design of the foot cover and the choice of material. Exquisite texture and gloss make them very comfortable. And the sunglasses of this kind of style has a kind of man's domineering spirit, sagacity, mature feeling. It's popular with men.

Cyxus sunglasses

This is a company specializing in the optical shop, with blue glasses, polarized sunglasses. Its sunglasses will be more suitable for men. They have basic functions like anti-glare, anti-strong light, anti-ultraviolet, anti-UVA, and anti-UVB. They belong to polarized sunglasses. There are colored film sunglasses that allow you to become a focal point during cycling, having a sporty and stylish style. The frame is made of aluminum and magnesium, and there are many colors in it. It can be worn while driving, while fishing or traveling, and for leisure activities.


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