Do oversized glasses make you look younger

Do oversized glasses look good?

In the previous article, we discussed “How do you measure your face for glasses?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Do oversized glasses look good?”.

In recent years, oversized glasses have become more and more popular. When we walk on the street, we will see many young people and students wearing fashionable oversized glasses. Do oversized glasses look good? Who can wear oversized glasses?

Pupil distance and pupil height

We know that a pair of qualified glasses must have accurate diopter, pupil distance, pupil height, lenses, frame, and other important parameters. Diopter is your myopia. If your refractive power is high, your lenses will be very thick. Pupil distance is the distance between two pupils. Pupil distance is one of the important parameters for processing glasses.

Pupil height is the height of the center of the pupil, which refers to the distance from the reflection point of the cornea on the lens to the lowest point under the frame. The optical center of the lens is the true power of the wearer, and there will be power errors in other areas. Generally speaking, it is real and comfortable to see objects through the center of the lens.(

If the wearer looks at the object from the upper edge of the lens, rather than through the optical center of the lens, after wearing it for a long time, it will make the customer's eyes fatigue, dizziness, and swelling. If students and adolescents wear such unqualified glasses during the growth period of myopia, in addition to causing eye fatigue and dizziness, myopia will deepen severely.


Do oversized glasses look good?

Oversized glasses mean that the size of the glasses frame is relatively large. If your nearsightedness is relatively high, or astigmatism is high, and the interpupillary distance is relatively small, what will happen if you choose such a frame with glasses? First of all, it is difficult for your interpupillary distance to coincide with the optical center of the lens, because the current diameter of the lens is generally 70mm and 75mm. The size of the frame and the width of the bridge of the nose are all above 75mm. If your interpupillary distance is 64mm or even less than 64mm, the optical center of the lens should be shifted inward. But if you choose oversized glasses, the lens diameter is not enough to move inward, the optical center of the lens and your actual same distance will not match, and the error is relatively large. Therefore, wearing such oversized glasses will cause eye fatigue, dizziness, and eye swelling. Wearing oversized glasses for a long time will gradually deteriorate the adjustment ability of the optic nerve of the eye. The degree of myopia deepens rapidly and even causes strabismus.

Who can wear oversized glasses?

With the increase of myopia, the bridge of the nose of students and teenagers is developing, and the distance between pupils is not large. After wearing oversized glasses, the edge of the lens will be thicker, which will easily press the bridge of the nose and slip off. Also, these glasses will cause the degree of myopia to deepen.

For people with a small interpupillary distance, the optical center of the lens should coincide with the center of the customer’s pupil for comfortable wearing. For people with a small interpupillary distance, because the frame is large, there is no way to process the lens according to the small interpupillary distance. The only way to increase the interpupillary distance is by moving the optical center. Although there is no problem with the power of this kind of glasses, and the pupil distance is also changed, wearing this kind of glasses will definitely affect vision.

People with a high number of myopia degrees are not suitable for wearing oversized glasses. The higher the degree of myopia itself, the thicker the lens will be. For a large frame, the thicker the edge will be. If worn in this way, it is easy to slide down, press the bridge of the nose, and the edge will have a sense of deformation, which is difficult to adapt and unsightly.

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