Can sunscreen cream damage my acetate sunglasses

How sunscreen and sunglasses protect from UV rays?

In the previous article, we discussed “The difference between cellulose acetate and acrylic eyeglasses”. In this article, let’s talk about “How sunscreen and sunglasses protect from UV rays?”.

About Sunscreen

You need to choose different SPF or PA values of the sunscreen according to a specific object, to achieve the purpose of sunscreen. Sunscreen works by shielding the skin from ultraviolet rays. Sunscreen is a cosmetic that adds sunscreen that blocks or absorbs ultraviolet rays to prevent the skin from getting sunburned. SPF is used to mark the protection of sunscreen against UVB rays. A person will turn red after 15 minutes of sun exposure without sunscreen, but it will take about 15×15 minutes to get sunburned with an SPF of 15. And the higher the SPF, the longer the time the sun will be protected.(

Choose high-quality sunglasses.

Sunglasses can prevent ultraviolet rays and can undertake ultraviolet ray reflection and absorption. The color of the lens can only block the visible light, but the visible light and ultraviolet light are not in the same range at all. If you buy inferior sunglasses that can not protect against ultraviolet light, the dark lens will cause the pupil to dilate, and the eyes will absorb more ultraviolet light instead, causing greater damage. Make sure that the package has 0% UV, UV400 protection, and other labels. And mention the color of the lens, generally speaking, in summer you had better choose a brown and tan lens. Outdoor sunshine is more intense, and you should choose brunet sunglasses more because the lens of these colors is absorbed to strong light ultraviolet rays and can filter better.

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Sunscreen Use Precautions

It is best not to apply sunscreen around the eyes because the eye skin is very thin and fragile can not stand stimulation. After applying sunscreen, it will increase the burden of eye skin, and eye skin is easy to aging and dark and so on.

Sunscreen works with sunglasses.

You can choose sunscreen, wearing sunglasses that have to prevent the ultraviolet ray effect. Wear sunglasses is needed, and Using too much sunscreen can add strain to the skin. When you put sunscreen on in the morning, it won't work at noon. So sunglasses are a good helper for protecting the strong sun in summer. Hard sun protection is a physical way to block the sun and ultraviolet light with clothes, hats, sunscreen umbrellas, gloves, sunglasses, and other methods. Soft sun protection refers to the use of sunscreen, sunscreen spray to protect and block the sun. Combine the two ways, and you will get the best protection.

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