Can old eyeglasses be donated?

Can old eyeglasses be donated?

Can old glasses be donated? The rate of myopia among young people is getting higher and higher, and the degrees are getting more and more serious. It has become a serious social problem. Professional scientific vision correction help and donation of love glasses can further increase vision protection awareness and improve the eye health level of adolescents. They can let the people who receive help feel and realize the care and love of the society for them.

Glasses are the desire of some people.

Around the world, 13 million children are unable to finish school because their eyesight is too poor to learn. In rural China, for example, only one in six children who need glasses can really afford them, according to a report from JAMA Ophthalmology. A simple pair of glasses can change everything. A 2018 study of men and women in The Indian workforce, published in The Lancet Global Health, found that wearing glasses increased workers' productivity by 22 percent, which in turn helped workers promote their earnings.


Old eyeglasses can be donated.

Get all the old glasses out of your house, from prescription glasses to reading glasses to sunglasses. Look for ones that are in good shape and don't scratch the lens or break the frame. Unopened, unused, and unexpired contact lenses are accepted. Your donated frames will be sent to nonprofit eye clinics that are eligible to participate in the program and to U.S. nonprofits that take frames abroad (Certified 501C3).

What organizations support eyeglasses donation?

Through its parent company, National Vision, America’s Best works with 20/20 Quest and Frames for the World to collect new and unused Frames and lenses for distribution to nonprofits overseas. 20/20 Quest is a charitable foundation sponsored by National Vision, whose franchise aims to provide screening, eye exams, glasses, and ametropia treatment programs to people with poor Vision in the United States and developing countries. These organizations and individuals have made an impact on the lives of millions of people at home and around the world. They helped people around the world get frames and lenses donated by manufacturers, eyewear chains, and individuals. Working together, Frames for the World can make an impact on the lives of others by providing the glasses needed to improve vision. Manufacturers are welcome to donate new frames.

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