Are blue sunglasses bad for your eyes

Are blue sunglasses bad for your eyes?

In the previous article, we discussed “Can pilots wear polarized sunglasses?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Are blue sunglasses bad for your eyes?”

Blue is a very clean and bright color. Many businesses will use blue lenses to make the sunglasses look better. Are blue sunglasses bad for your eyes?

Are blue sunglasses harmful?

Blue sunglasses are harmful to the eyes. The function of glasses with colored myopia lenses is similar to sunglasses. They can filter some harmful light in the sun, but not all colored lenses have this function. When you are choosing myopic colored lenses, you should choose light-colored lenses, such as gray, brown, yellow, green, and other colors. The lenses of these colors are good for eye health, while blue lenses are harmful to the eyes.(

Blue lenses will cause blue light to enter the eyeball, and blue light will damage the macular area of the fundus. The macular area of the fundus is located in the center of the retina, where photoreceptor cells gather. Ultraviolet rays that are usually harmful to the eyes can be filtered out by the cornea and lens。 However, blue light can penetrate the eyeball directly to the retina and macular area, causing the eye to produce a lot of free radicals so that the macular area will degenerate and cause fundus damage.

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How to choose types of sunglasses

You can choose Gray and brown lenses. Inappropriate sunglasses can affect eye development and even cause amblyopia. Frames and lenses may also damage the eyes when running or colliding. In summer, the light is strong, and the reflection of sunlight on objects can cause dazzle and fatigue. Some people choose darker sunglasses in order to reduce the irritation of strong light. However, darker sunglasses will delay the transmission of sunlight through the eyes to the brain.

When choosing sunglasses to wear during summer driving, you should first choose a polarizer. Its effect is to filter out particularly dazzling glare. Secondly, gray and brown lenses are more resistant to ultraviolet rays, which can effectively relieve fatigue and protect the eyes.

Some Blue sunglasses can be worn

You can choose ice blue film sunglasses. The color of these sunglasses is light cyan, which will not cause damage to the eyes. And they look fashionable and cool.

Sunglasses And Glaucoma

Glaucoma patients are not allowed to wear sunglasses. Once they wear sunglasses, they have symptoms such as headaches and swollen eyes. In severe cases, vision loss, blurred vision, and even intermittent short-term blindness can occur. When people wear sunglasses or in dimly lit places, the pupils will dilate. At this time, for patients with angle-closure glaucoma, intraocular tension is increased due to the closure of the angle of the chamber, so they will swell their eyes and lose sight for a short time. When the place is bright enough, the pupils will shrink and the intraocular tension is reduced. And then, the eyes will return to normal. Therefore, it is best not to wear sunglasses if you have glaucoma.

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