Would you buy these Gucci glasses?

Would you buy these Gucci glasses?

In the previous article, we discussed “What are the methods of preventing and controlling myopia?“. In this article, let’s talk about “How do I stop my glasses from hurting the bridge of my nose?”.

Gucci, with its modern brand image, leads the trend of the fashion industry and becomes the founder of fashion. Gucci eyewear is one of Gucci's major collections that perfectly blends gorgeous design with modern fashion elements to create eye-catching accessories for fashionistas. Like this brand, GUCCI glasses belong to the luxury brand of glasses. Fashion, retro, and delicacy are the unique design aesthetic of GUCCI.

Autumn/winter 2014 men's collection

GUCCI launched the 2014 autumn and winter men's glasses series, which conveys the classic and modern fashion texture. The design inspiration of the new sunglasses and optical frames comes from the retro feelings and perfect technology, which is a new interpretation of the elegant essence. The sunglasses and optical frames are made of metal or sheet and metal mixed materials, integrating straight lines to create a new series of men's glasses with accurate proportions.(https://www.koalaeye.com/collections/eyeglasses)

Inspired by the retro trend of the autumn and winter fashion shows, the flat design combines ultra-slim glasses arms and original plastic oval temples. The inside of the temple is inlaid with the GG brand logo, presenting a unique fit texture. Excellent quality sunglasses collocate with an adjustable nose pad to ensure a perfect fit to the face shape. A mineral glass lens is used to perfectly reflect the high-quality clear vision.

Sale priceFrom
Sale priceFrom

GUCCI titanium retro frame

The glasses show the temperamental feature that gives gentle grace. The frame design takes round in squares, and it is the design of popular male frames. They are elegant and do not break sagacious, with the color of gray and black. It is the color that now is especially popular, and is the color that pretty suits white-collar personage, business personage. They have calm temperament characteristics, more suitable for their identity characteristics.

Plate GG3734/F Tortoise-shell  color HNZ full-frame men's myopia glasses

The perfect stitching technology of the frame, the temples, and the CUCCI logo on the temple show the luxury taste, self-evident.The metal hinge has a strong connection, is flexible and stable, durable. The delicate frame line design has more gentle characteristics. According to the ergonomic design, the integrated nose pad has no pressure to wear, more comfortable.

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