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Will water damage your polarized sunglasses?

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In the previous article, we discussed “How do polarized and non-polarized sunglasses differ?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Will water damage your polarized sunglasses?”.

Will water damage polarized sunglasses?

The generally polarized sunglasses on the market are made of fiber clip polarized film. It is different from optical glass polarized sunglasses because of its soft texture and unstable arc bending. After the lens is framed, it is difficult for the lens to reach the optical refractive standard and the image is loose and deformed. Due to the instability of arc bending, the lens is deformed, which directly leads to the poor clarity of the translucent junction, image distortion, and can not play a normal visual effect. And the surface is easy to scratch and wear.?

How to clean polarized sunglasses

Do not immerse the polarized sunglasses in water for a long time. Before driving, please wipe the polarized sunglasses with a glasses cloth. If necessary, you can wash it with a special cleaning agent. In particular, it is necessary to pay attention that ultrasonic cleaning can not be used when cleaning, otherwise, it will destroy the polarization effect. For resin lens, you should rinse with a small amount of clear water first, and reoccupy resin lens special cleaner, and use resin lens special lens cloth to wipe finally. Use special lens cloth of the resin lens to wipe, because the ordinary lens cloth fiber is loose, easy to the inclusion of sand, so will make the lens wear. It is best to first wash the lens with water, and then dry with a special lens cloth.

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How to take care of polarized sunglasses

If the lens is stained, greased, or fingerprinted, use a soft cotton cloth in a special sunglasses accessory to wipe dirt or dirt off the lens. Never use fingernails or products with chemical ingredients to remove specks from lenses. Glasses should be carefully removed when not wearing. When placing, fold up the mirror leg on the left side (the wearing surface is the standard), but the mirror face up, wrap it with a polishing cloth and put it in a special bag. Carefully prevent lens and frame from being scratched by hard objects or squeezed for a long time. Do not place them on current or metal edge for a long time. Wearing glasses with one hand is also easy to deform the frame. If the frame occurs deformation, go to the glasses shop to ask the professionals to adjust.

How to store polarized sunglasses

After wearing for driving, please wipe your polarized sunglasses and put them in the eyeglasses bag for safekeeping. Avoid contact with perfume, chemicals such as pesticides during wearing, to avoid radiation to the lens and frame. Insist on using both hands to pick and wear polarizing lens, avoid using one hand, otherwise, the strength is too large, it is easy to cause the deformation of the frame, or even fracture. Try to avoid using the thumb and index finger, in case the nail scratch the lens. Resin lenses are afraid of high temperature because high temperature can make the surface coating of resin lenses fall off. When taking off the glasses to rest, pay attention to the surface of the resin lens, do not contact hard objects.

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