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Why Sunglasses Are So Expensive 2

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Why Sunglasses Are So Expensive 2

In the previous article, we discussed “Why Sunglasses Are Important. In this article, let’s talk about “Why Sunglasses Are So Expensive”.

Why are sunglasses so expensive?

1. First of all, the brand, the entire process of brand registration and promotion has spent a lot of money, so the cost has increased accordingly.

2. Sunglasses are used to not only block the sun but also to prevent ultraviolet rays and radiation.

The difference between expensive and cheap sunglasses

First of all, sunglasses must achieve the effect of anti-ultraviolet rays. The wavelength of ultraviolet rays is up to 380, so the most basic requirement for sunglasses is to be above UV380. Generally, most sunglasses are UV400. However, the poor sunglasses can’t achieve this effect. When people are in dark vision, the pupils are enlarged when wearing sunglasses. If you are wearing sunglasses under UV400, more ultraviolet rays will enter your eyes, causing the risk of cataracts to increase exponentially.

Secondly, high-end sunglasses belong to a designer brand. Its shape, collocation, and fashion are the most cutting-edge, the latest trend, and can enhance your grade.

Moreover, the materials of high-end sunglasses are more expensive. The frames are mostly used in titanium alloy, pure titanium, Z titanium, EX titanium, etc. These materials are completely pollution-free. And the sunglasses are made of these materials are lighter than inferior sunglasses so they are light and natural to wear. Also, the electroplating process of titanium alloy is very good so the paint will not fall off and deform.

How to choose sunglasses?

The nose shape is also related to choosing sunglasses. The big nose shape is best to wear a large frame for balance. And the small nose shape naturally needs a small frame, light-colored, high-beam frame to make the nose feel longer. If you have a particularly long nose, you can use double-beam sunglasses to make the nose look shorter.

People who are tall and burly should wear wider sunglasses with prominent edges and corners, while those who are thinner should wear smaller glasses. People with large faces are suitable for sunglasses with large lenses and wide frames, which are chic and generous. People with small faces are advised to choose lightweight and polygonal thin-rim sunglasses, which are smart and shrewd. Men with square faces wear some rounded, streamlined frames. And rectangular metal frames will definitely make you extremely cool.

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