Why sunglasses are so expensive

Why sunglasses are so expensive?

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In the previous article, we discussed “How Sunglasses Are Made. In this article, let’s talk about “Why sunglasses are so expensive?”.

For a long period of time, sunglasses is one of the symbols of fashion. They would provide us a clearer vision for driving and protect our eyes against UVA or UVB. Moreover, the stylish and cool design would bring you more happiness in daily life too. However, if we exclude all of these factors, why sunglasses are so expensive? And how much should I pay for sunglasses?

The cost of operation

The manufacturing industry of sunglasses are totally different from the real estate, to manufacture a sunglasses, it requires a huge amount of time, energy, techniques, and equipment, all of these will cost a lot, unless you just need a pair of sunglasses to play with, or never worry about its breakage or scratches after using for a few days. The cost for the investment at the beginning including the depreciation of equipment such as Optometry, edging machine, light meter, focimeter, pupil distance meter, projector and optical disc will cost a lot. If you want to use all of the best equipment, that will cost much higher.(https://www.koalaeye.com/collections/polarized-sunglasses)

The Cost of merchandise

For the sunglasses with low and middle quality, the cost of merchandise is around 20%, and for the famous brand, it normally costs around 40%-50%, and the normal brand is around 30%. Most of the stores sells normal sunglasses. Some rich people may choose some famous brands. But the normal people will prefer to pay less for medium type of sunglasses, so the cost of merchandise is 25% in average.

Other costs

The cost for the employees including the salesmen and the technical manufacturer as well as the operation costs, the electricity for equipment, advertisement, lightening. Water expenses, taxes, decoration for the stores, should be considered.

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The difference between the industry of sunglasses and other retail chains

The biggest difference between the sunglasses an other industries is the profession and techniques. Unlike the clothing, shoes, hats, decorations industries. All of the sellers must receive the professional optical training, including optometry and glasses, the basic knowledge of the lenses, frames and structure of the glasses before selling their products. If they could not pass the exam, they won’t be able to sell their products. If you are the processing learners, more techniques will be required. Normally the training period of the beginners will last for 2-3 months. And the regulations and standards for the training and the examinations for the optometrists are becoming stricter. So it will cost a lot more for a normal eyeglasses store on quality inspection. If you have a large scale of eyeglasses store, the expenses for quality inspection will be much higher.

The difference between cheap and expensive sunglasses

Most of the people would like to have the effect of blocking the glare, including the UVB or UVA, the wavelength of the ultraviolet rays are normally 380, so the basic standard for the lenses of the sunglasses is UV380. Normally the sunglasses could meet the requirement of UV400, but the one with the poor quality could meet such requirement. If you put on such kind of sunglasses, it will cause a lot more damage to your yes. When your pupil becomes much larger after putting on your sunglasses, which means more ultraviolet rays will come into your eyes directly, which will undoubtedly cause more harm to your eyes. The possibility for cataract will grow geometrically. Furthermore, if you buy the sunglasses with good quality, they belongs to the brand of the designer. Their styles, matching, and fashionable taste are top. It will undoubtedly upgrade your level. Finally, I have to mention about the material which is used for the sunglasses with high quality. Their frames are normally made of titanium alloy or pure titanium, titanium Z , titanium EX . some parts of these materials are used for medical industry, such as the stents for cardiac surgery, which is completely harmless. And they are normally light weighted than the sunglasses with poor quality. You will have no stress for wearing it. Furthermore, the technique for electroplating of titanium alloy is very good which will not cause any paint dropping or deformation.

Now you must have better understanding of why a pair of sunglasses with good quality would cost you a lot more. Because you get what you need for protection. And you would also increase your taste for fashion, which may also change your style, improve your social relationship. All of these are something that could be hard to see with normal eyes. However, for most of the people who want to protect their eyes in daily life, they could find a pair which is suitable for them within affordable price. So that you won’t feel so disappointed for the poor quality or heartbreak when you see them break after paying a lot.

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