Why is Zenni Optical so cheap

Why is Zenni Optical so cheap?

In the previous article, we discussed “Can I order glasses online if I have my prescription?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Why is Zenni Optical so cheap?”.

Why do some glasses cost so much?

It involves material selection, technology, mass production, and so on. Good materials definitely cost more. And each process needs the corresponding manpower cost and so on. The biggest difference is the added value that the brand gives. Big brands spend a lot of money to build the brand, which will incur a lot of costs. Moreover, differentiated pricing can better differentiate the target users. The longer the sales cycle, the higher the price. The most obvious manifestation is that the wholesale market is cheaper than the retail store. Because the consumption frequency of glasses is low, most glasses shops need to be opened in places with many people and convenient transportation, and the rent will be very expensive. In addition, the sales of glasses involve the issue of optometry. It is necessary to purchase optometry equipment and hire professional optometry personnel, all of which need to be calculated into the cost of each pair of glasses.

Reasonable prices can attract more customers

The full name of the price ratio is a performance-price ratio, and it is It's the ratio between performance and price. The price ratio is the performance value of goods and price-value ratio, and it is a kind of quantitative measurement method that reflects the extent of goods that can be bought. Among the commodities of the same price, if this commodity has the best function and is the most comprehensive, it is the most affordable thing. A good value for money means something is worth it or excellent quality and proper price. ZenniOptical provides cost-effective products to better meet customer needs.

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The Goals and Principles of Zenni Optical

The Zenni Optical’s mission is clear, giving people glasses they can really afford, but still making them look like a million dollars. Everyone has found that they can get the choice they deserve at a price that they can afford. Zenni Optical is built on and committed to delivering the following principles: bringing the most affordable glasses to people everywhere. They are to provide their customers with the best quality optical lenses. They are to provide excellent customer support.

Zenni Optical has its own factory

It is custom made and can be purchased directly from our factory. Zenni Optical has no middlemen and no retail space. Thousands of people from around the world visit the website, submit orders, and have them sent directly to Zenni's factories. Unlike traditional optometry operations and other prescription eyewear sites, Zenni has a 248,000-square-foot manufacturing facility. All customer orders are manufactured in their own factory, equipped with the most progressive optical machinery and perfect quality control procedures.

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