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Why do white people wear sunglasses?

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Why do white people wear sunglasses?

In the previous article, we discussed “Why do people wear sunglasses?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Why do white people wear sunglasses?”.

Whenever it is in a movie or in real life, why do we often see white people wearing sunglasses, but seldom see black people wearing sunglasses?

White people have very few pigments in their skin and their bodies have poor resistance to ultraviolet radiation in sunlight. As a part of the body, the eyes are more irritating to external ultraviolet rays. So, you will see more white people wearing sunglasses. On the contrary, black people are more resistant to ultraviolet radiation due to the influence of body color and living environment.

Sunglasses Protect Eyes

Under normal circumstances, the greater the intensity and the longer the time, the higher the risk of cataracts for the elderly. The development of cataracts is very rapid. Therefore, the probability of cataracts in the south is usually higher than that in the north. The probability of the plateau is much higher than that of the plain This probability is related to sunlight. In addition, the sunlight in Europe and America is relatively strong, so people in these countries prefer to wear sunglasses.

Living Habit

When wearing sunglasses has become a habit, it has become a fashion just like the desert people wearing a headscarf against sand and dust. Whether it is needed or not, ?it may become a standard item. Even black people who are not afraid of the sun love to wear sunglasses.

Choose Cost-effective Glasses

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