Why do most girls and women wear very big and thick eyeglasses

Why do most girls and women wear very big and thick eyeglasses?

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In the previous article, we discussed “Why are eyeglass frames are so expensive?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Why do most girls and women wear very big and thick eyeglasses?”.

Big-framed glasses have many benefits.

Big-frame glasses are a symbol of trend and personality. Big-frame glasses are a fashion accessory. Even many friends without myopia will go to buy a pair of glasses to decorate themselves, indeed, the decorative effect of big glasses is not to be underestimated. Friends with small faces will look younger and more delicate. And friends with a slightly larger face are more suitable for glasses with large frames, which will show a smaller face. Large glasses can make our field of vision clear enough, and look elegant. Secondly, glasses with large frames will make our faces look smaller. Of course, most of this is caused by the influence of foreign fashion and literary youth.

They want to have a good look.

A good dress-up can not only make you feel good but make the audience feel good. Dressing up properly can add many glorious elements to your appearance, and big frame glasses can deduce its different charm. And the girls with big eyes wearing this style of glasses eyes are full of spirit. The irregular shape of the frame is quite special, showing personality. They are a very good face modification.

Thick-framed glasses are more stylish than thin-framed glasses.

Ordinarily, the style of thick frame lens is a recreational, modern feeling. The glasses of the circular thin frame can show affinity. And square thin frame glasses can sharpen facial features line. It is circular frame glasses likewise. Thick frame glasses look very fashionable avant-garde, while the thin frame glasses have a kind of 'delicate feeling'. Bold frame glasses can not only match a fashionable style with appearance without makeup but bring lovely style at the same time. As a fashion item, thick-rimmed glasses can not only modify the face shape but form an echo with a certain element of clothing to the greatest extent.

The eyeglass frame should be in accord with your need.

Do not have to follow the public, even popular things. Some people are suitable, but some people are not suitable. Pick glasses to match your face shape, the height of the bridge of the nose, eye size, eyebrows, and so on. You had better pick the moderate size of the frame. The too big frame appears to have no texture, and too small a frame restores ancient ways. So you should pick the size that suits your face.

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