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Why are Prada sunglasses so expensive?

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In the previous article, we discussed “What kind of sunglasses are polarized sunglasses?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Why are Prada sunglasses so expensive?"

Brand Marketing Expenses

It takes years of accumulation and continuous advertising investment for each brand to be widely recognized. And this investment will be changed into a part of the price. Especially in a completely competitive industry like eyewear, the most expensive operating expense for each brand right now is promotion.

High Design Cost

Prada sunglasses skillfully combines its traditional brand concept with modern progressive technology. The smooth line sense, simple fashion, is out of the ordinary, giving a person a unique sense of taste. With a selection of high-quality plate frames, they have an ergonomic design, integrated nose bridge, and transparent nose pad design, so the sunglasses are more comfortable. Apart from being a fashion statement, Prada glasses are a powerful tool for exuding mystical glamour. High-grade sunglasses belong to the unique design of a stylist. Most luxuries are true "independent design", and they will not copy and borrow from others like some fake luxuries. It's all high-end and trendy and will elevate you and make you look great.

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Good Lens Material

Sunglasses make you look stylish and glamorous, and they have many health benefits. They can protect your eyes from debris and dust, reduce eye strain and squinting, reduce dry eyes, and protect your eyes from UV and radiation damage. You can express your style and personality with the confidence of a Hollywood star. And the material of high-grade sunglasses are used at titanium alloy more or pure titanium, Z titanium, EX titanium. The lenses are made of PC reinforced glass, nylon, and other materials. They have a low imaging distortion rate and long service life. And the high-definition lens can be used even in foggy and rainy weather. And the lens basically has 7 layers of polarized film, 6 to 8 layers of AR anti-reflection coating, and the outermost nanometer anti-oil coating. Whether it's sunglasses or any other eyewear, there is a reasonable optical index design, including sphericity, prism, and so on. If the design is not proper, they are easy to deform, resulting in double eye fatigue. Your vision can deteriorate over time.

Complex Manufacturing Process

Good design requires high technical details, which are not only reflected in the refinement of the appearance of glasses but reflected in the comfort of wearing. The more subtle details may have a great impact on the wearer, and the more difficult it is to make them. All of these need sophisticated equipment and highly skilled craftsmen to complete.

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