Why are Cartier glasses so expensive

Why are Cartier glasses so expensive?

In the previous article, we discussed “Why do most fashion designers tend to wear distinctive eyewear?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Why are Cartier glasses so expensive?”.

As a world-class luxury brand, Cartier also produces glasses. But Cartier's glasses are very different from other luxury glasses. Cartier's glasses, especially the metal models, are eyeglasses with Cartier jewelry design elements. Naturally, the price of Cartier glasses is much higher than the price of ordinary luxury glasses. The reason is that Cartier's design on the glasses is more attentive. It is not simply adding a logo to complete the work, but adding a lot of jewelry design elements. And the workmanship is very exquisite. Why are Cartier glasses so expensive and what are the characteristics? Focus on the gold-clad technology of Cartier glasses metal models.

The material of Cartier glasses

First, let me introduce the material of Cartier glasses in general. They are generally divided into three types, sheet materials, gold-clad (titanium or copper), and pure gold. Most of them are gold-clad materials. The sheet material is mainly used in entry styles or fashionable styles, and the price is relatively cheaper. The gold-clad material basically covers most of Cartier's metal styles. The gold-clad material is divided into three types based on colors, gold, white gold, and gun color. Gold and white gold are covered with gold leaf by gold and platinum. In order to pursue the texture, the gun color is plated with a layer of gun color after the gold is coated. As for pure gold, Cartier does not produce much, generally in the form of limited editions. There are two reasons. One is that the price of pure gold is too expensive. The second is that the pure gold is too heavy to wear.

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Gold-clad technology of Cartier glasses

The simple understanding of gold-clad glasses is a kind of glasses in which the metal is covered with very thin K gold or pure gold on the surface of the metal glasses (arms, frames) by mechanical rolling or high-temperature welding. Compared with ordinary electroplated gold glasses, gold-clad glasses have the same color as pure gold or K gold glasses, and the color is very strong. Under the premise of normal use, they will not fade for more than ten years or even longer. Compared with pure gold or K gold glasses, they are also lighter in weight. Taking into account that the lenses are fitted, the overall weight will not be oppressive and cause discomfort in the bridge of the nose. Importantly, Cartier's craftsmanship is very good so that it is generally difficult to see where the gold coating falls off.

The exquisite craftsmanship of Cartier glasses

The gold of the gold coating is much thicker than electroplated gold. If you touch it at the same time, the thickness of the gold coating is probably at least ten times thicker than the thickness of the electroplating. Although the gold coating is good, the craftsmanship is very high-tech. Obviously, it is a layer of gold wrapped, but it cannot be found, it has to be highly fitted, and it has little effect on the overall weight. These requirements can be achieved because of Cartier's superb technology and craftsmanship. In addition, although pure gold is more expensive in terms of material price, the technology of pure gold is very simple from the perspective of craftsmanship and is not as good as gold-clad.

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