What is the best color tint for sunglasses?

In the previous article, we discussed “Which frame is best for heart shaped faces?”. In this article, let’s talk about “What is the best color tint for sunglasses?”.

Most people know that ultraviolet rays in the sun can harm the skin, and it can also harm our eyes. Sunlight will have a destructive effect on every part of the eye, and long-term accumulation will have a destructive effect on the cornea, retina, lens, etc. However, many people choosing to wear sunglasses not only prevent sunlight from the eyes but also has an important function to make people fashionable.

The Important Conditions For Ideal Sunglasses

1.Filter more than 98% of the ultraviolet rays in the sun.

2. The function of blocking glare.

3. It cannot cause 'parallax' and 'chromatic aberration'. 'Parallax' refers to the misjudgment of the object being distorted and going up and down stairs after wearing glasses. When the 'chromatic aberration' is severe, the red and green lights will be unclear, causing danger.

4. The style of sunglasses should be fashionable, but the frame is also an important part of sunglasses. In addition to its aesthetic requirements, it must be able to stabilize the lens and prevent it from loosening or falling.(

5. The surface treatment of the sunglasses lens, refractive, curvature, and safety enhancement degree are also important elements of sunglasses for eye protection.

The Color Of Sunglasses

The colors of the sunglasses are now colorful. What color is good? Nowadays, gray lenses and brown lenses are commonly selected, and these two colors have the best visual effects and protective effects. But the colors of other lenses also have unique effects. For example, yellow lenses can absorb 0% ultraviolet rays and most of the blue light, which is very suitable for hunting, shooting, etc. Green lenses can bring people a cool and comfortable feeling, but also prevent eye fatigue. The protection is also very good. The specific choice of sunglasses color depends on your needs and preferences.

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What is the best color tint for sunglasses?

Among all the colors of sunglasses, gray and brown are better and can resist ultraviolet rays very well. Gray lens sunglasses have almost the same amount of filtering for each color in the sun and can filter infrared and 98% of ultraviolet rays. Wearing gray lens sunglasses, the original color of the scene will not change due to the lens. And for drivers, a gray lens can also block the glare, making travel safer.

In addition, green and amber sunglasses are also good for UV protection, and these two colors are also very popular. Fashionable green lenses, like gray lenses, can filter infrared light and 99% of ultraviolet rays. But the green lens will change the color of some scenes, and the effect of blocking light is slightly inferior to that of the gray lens.

Many people also like to wear red sunglasses, but in fact, red sunglasses are not suitable for travel, because red sunglasses will cause us to have visual errors when watching traffic lights. Generally, red sunglasses can filter 95% of ultraviolet rays and some short-wavelength visible light. However, red lenses are similar to ordinary untinted lenses, and they are no better than ordinary lenses.

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