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Which company makes best sunglasses?

In the previous article, we discussed “What are the affecting factors in the sunglasses market?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Which company makes best sunglasses?”.

Sunglasses can be used as a single item for fashionable men and women. They can not only make us look cooler, but also play the role of isolation from ultraviolet and infrared rays. So which are the top companies in the sunglasses industry?


The Ray-Ban sunglasses, dubbed 'Ray-Ban,' have been already a symbol of leverage in the sunglasses industry, They have been favored by Americans for their good protective features: 1. Ultra visual clarity; 2. High color stability; 3. Precise grinding sheets; 4. Anti-scratch; 5. Impact resistance; What Ray-Ban has been doing is sticking to the tradition of design.


Oakley sunglasses broke the previous modeling sunglasses. The pursuit of rich colors and strong design that is full of a sense of science and technology attracted many consumers in the street the wind. And science and technology, novelty and fashion, are synonymous with his sunglasses products. Oakley's proprietary lenses block 0% of UV and blue radiation emitted by the computer. They can customize your sunglasses, and you can customize them to your design requirements.


Mykita is an eyewear brand store originated from Berlin, Germany, which focuses on offline sales. It has its eyewear branch stores in more than 80 large and small cities. Mykita focuses on portability. It greatly reduces the pressure of the sunglasses on the human body. The lenses and frames used are the exclusive materials produced by their factory. The materials are light and durable.

Gentle Monster

Gentle Monster is a local brand inspired by Korean dramas. The classic design of the large round frame presents the features of the face well. Every designer in charge of 30-40 sunglasses styles, can be fond of according to oneself, the deployment of every kind of style of 5 ~ colors, and then the design of these are given to their specific people to collect the review. It is a combination of public opinion, and it can be one of the most popular sunglasses with bulk sales, the style of design in detail. But what they have in common is that the contours of the sunglasses are remarkably consistent with Asian face engineering.

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In 1999, the Prada eyewear collection was launched, aimed at men and women in their mid-20s and 30s who like top fashion. Natural colors and other uniformity make up the latest Prada boutique. Titanium is used in these sunglasses, as well as in the sheet frame, but it is still as thin and elastic as possible. In general, simplicity, purity, novelty, use of lightweight materials, new processes, innovative ring lenses.


Prosun is a sunglasses brand independently developed in China, and it is also the first brand to introduce the function concept of polarized lenses into the Chinese sunglasses market. Since its formal establishment in China, it has applied for research and development of 'double curvature lens', 'elastic linkage-type mirror leg', and 'eyeglasses double teeth hinge', which broke the previous defects of sunglasses and other patents have made people sit up and take notice.


Its fame mainly depends on its excellent product quality and correct marketing policy. Since partnering with Luxottica, the world's most famous eyewear company, its sales range in the market has been further expanded.


Bolon glasses have been playing steadily since their rise in the eyewear market, with a large number of offline and online fans. In particular, Bolon glasses pushed the eyewear industry to a new climax in 2015 and rode into a relatively unshakable position in the eyewear market in 2016.

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