Where To Get Sunglasses Adjusted?

Where can I take my sunglasses to get adjusted?

In the previous article, we discussed “Is it good to wear sunglasses while on the computer?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Where can I take my sunglasses to get adjusted?”.

What to do if the sunglasses are too big?

It depends on how it is. If you feel that the front frame is wide, there is no way. But if it is a little loose, it can be changed by adjusting the arc of the end of the temples. You can take it directly to the optical store. They have a special instrument to soften the temples of the glasses and adjust them according to your needs. In General, This is for free. If your sunglasses nose pads are independent, you can also ask them to adjust them for you. If the nose pads are on the frame, it won’t work.

What to do if the sunglasses are too loose?

If the optical store agrees to exchange them for the small sunglasses, it will be the best way. Also, you can ask them for baking correction and adjusting the size.

Steps of Adjusting the too-big sunglasses

1. Fold the spectacle frame. Estimate the length of the part where the temples and the spectacle frame are connected. Different types of spectacle frames have different lengths.

2. You will need the scissors and the table and chair protection pad in this step. Cut the protection pad into two long strips that match the length of the part in Step 1.

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3. Stick the cut protection pad to the junction of the spectacle frame, and trim the edges with scissors.

4. Reinforce the pasted protective pad with instant adhesive. Be careful. Do not get instant adhesive on your hands and lenses.

5.Do the same steps to the other side of the frame.

6.After the glue is dried, unfold the spectacle frame. At this time, the frame has become much tighter. If it is too tight, trim with scissors.

What to pay attention to when buying sunglasses?

When choosing sunglasses, we need to look at the overall of the glasses. Are the sunglasses out of shape? Are there any scratches, bubbles, streaks, and impurities on the lens surface? Picking the color of sunglasses, you can choose the colors according to your skin color, face shape and dressing style, etc. For sunglasses that are satisfied with the shape and color of the sunglasses, it is also necessary to check the comfort of wearing sunglasses. The comfort of wearing sunglasses is not only not dizzy after wearing, but also pay attention to the harmony between the bridge of the nose and the ears after wearing the sunglasses. Try to choose light sunglasses, which will reduce the pressure of the frame on the bridge of the nose and ears. Increase wearing comfort.

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