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How to choose the right sunglasses for sports?

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In the previous article, we discussed “6 cool sunglasses styles for summer 2021”. In this article, let’s talk about “How to choose the right sunglasses for sports?”.

Sports glasses refer to safety protective glasses worn during sports. Usually, advanced equipment has the functions of safety, protection, comfort, and beauty.

Lenses Of Sports Sunglasses

PC lens is a space lens, which is a kind of lens that does not break or crack, and very safe. And it is the lightest and thinnest lens and the most impact-resistant lens in the world. First, the material is used in space shuttle viewing windows and bulletproof glass, which is impact resistant.  More importantly, it is 0% UV resistant (UV400).

A polarized lens uses the principle of polarization, which can filter out stray light. In addition to 0% filtering of harmful ultraviolet rays, it can also automatically adjust and block strong reflected light that cannot be blocked by general sports glasses. Also, it can adjust all projected light into the same direction in order to eliminate dazzling reflected light and scattered light. In this way, we can see the scenery in the sun clearly and has a better line of sight. It is suitable for outdoor sports such as wild travel, driving, fishing, climbing snow mountains, and so on. Some manufacturers can freely assemble lenses according to your actual power.(https://www.koalaeye.com/collections/sports-sunglasses)

Frame Of Sports Sunglasses

The TR-90 frame is made of super-tough resin material, which is smooth, flexible and light, and comfortable to wear. It is characterized by high-temperature resistance, instant resistance to a high temperature of 350 degrees, not easy to melt and burn. In addition to impact resistance, it has a good memory function and anti-deformation.

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Choice Of Sports Sunglasses

As the types of outdoor sports are rich and diverse, including extreme cycling, outdoor mountaineering, jogging, skiing, golf, camping, etc., the functional requirements of sports glasses are also different for different sports.

For those engaged in intense extreme sports, sports safety glasses should be equipped. The windshield is suitable for long-term sports in the outside world, especially for sports enthusiasts in areas with strong wind and sand. The birth of myopia sports glasses meets the needs of myopia sports enthusiasts. The function of myopia sports glasses not only includes the performance of general myopia glasses but also uses PC material to resist the impact surface so that myopic friends can also enjoy the fun of sports. There is long-term exposure to the sun, strong and long-term sun exposure, you need to buy polarized sports glasses. For mountaineering enthusiasts, the snow on the mountains is easy to damage the eyes, and sunglasses can reduce this damage.

When choosing sports glasses, people should pay attention to the lens function. Because different lenses have different filtering effects on light, they can be suitable for different sports environments. Dark-colored lenses are better than light-colored lenses, which can effectively block ultraviolet rays and increase the UV index. For example, purple lenses can reduce the degree of visible light entering the eyes without affecting the clarity of vision. Therefore, the lenses of bicycle sports glasses can be purple, and they are suitable for long-term wear. The yellow-green progressive color and purple gold-plated mercury lenses can effectively filter blue light and enhance the contrast between the sky and the ground. Therefore, the golf glasses use yellow-green and purple lenses to make the sphere more distinct in the field of view. It can be seen that the color is very important to choose sunglasses that suit your sports requirements.

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