Where can I get cost-effective gold sunglasses?

Where can I get cost-effective gold sunglasses?


Because of its research on lens polarizing technology and its high-cost performance, it can be said to be the most recommended sunglasses brand in China. Although the style is more orthodox, there is no lack of bold. The frame fits with a nylon polarizing lens. Compared with an ordinary TAC polarizing lens, nylon lens has a stable structure, and optical performance is good. Their sunglasses have a rich sense of design, material, excellent performance, and can be said to be sincere, cost-effective.

DIOR Gold Sunglasses

Large square design, the combination of pink lens and gold frame, present the combination of sweet and light luxury. They are the interpretation of the elegant female images. Clear lines of the square design, and the overall lightweight design, combined with the texture of the nose pad, reduce the burden of the bridge of the nose, more light and comfortable. They have exaggerated circular frames, suitable for a variety of face shapes, make charming little faces easily.

They have a bright outline, matching the bright aureate, which attracts passerby with the model of avant-garde praise and envy. The light frame design, without too much weight, makes them fashionable and lightsome.

Sale priceFrom
Sale priceFrom

PARIM 93704

In recent years, PARIM attaches great importance to the model design and update speed and focuses mainly on the design of the female style. Cat-eye frames with hollowed-out and diamond-encrusted elements are used more. The overall small fresh design style is more suitable for young women 93704-N butterfly frame with hollow design. Using polarizing lenses, can not only protect your eyes but shield your face from most of the sunlight. Weights only 24.1g, cost-effective.


JINS launched its eyewear business in Japan in 2001. After years of hard work, its design is more Nordic and simple. JINS 'simple and chic design is more suitable for Asians when many brands are designed with European and American styles. JINS has won many design awards. LMF19S018 is a woman's sunglasses. The hexagonal large frame design has a stronger fashion attribute, and the frame uses TR material, safety, and light. You can go to a physical store to try them on and compare prices before you buy them.

Koala Eye

Even the most classic round frame design, low-key design, is very versatile. Styles follow the trend, and all the styles you want to try can be found here. Sunglasses that break through the traditional design are very popular when you go out. Some sunglasses combine metal and plate in the frame, very textured. Some of the overall design is straight lines, classic for both men and women. Thin round frames are very suitable for girls.


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