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Where can I buy aviator sunglasses online?

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Where can I buy aviator sunglasses online?

In the previous article, we discussed “What is the difference between aviator sunglasses and regular ones?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Where can I buy aviator sunglasses online?”.

Why should pilots buy aviator sunglasses?

One wonders why pilots wear sunglasses even after landing outside the cabin. To observe the surrounding environment more accurately, pilots also need to keep their concentration at an altitude of several thousand meters when sailing in the air. Therefore, eye protection equipment must be worn. Otherwise, eyes may be seriously injured and even blindness may result. Aviator sunglasses are specially produced for pilots to wear for eye protection equipment during grounding. They are mainly used for pilots to put on the helmet before and after the helmet is taken off during grounding to play a buffer role for eyes and then to adapt to the strong light and then protect their eyes.

 What are the features of aviator sunglasses?

 They are the best-polarized sunglasses made of high-quality materials like TAC or Phoenix. General aviator sunglasses use TAC materials as lenses.TAC is a kind of cellulose triacetate material, with solvent casting film processing into film, and it is one of the highest light penetration polymer materials. It has excellent optical properties, surface hardness, and scratch resistance ability. TAC has good prevention of PVA polarized film shrinkage. In addition to its high optical quality, TAC has excellent scratch resistance, moisture absorption resistance, and stable adhesion to polarized PVA films.

 How did aviator sunglasses start?

 In 1930, the world's first sunglasses were finally created. The lenses of these sunglasses are made of high-quality optical glasses. After the heat and chemical treatment, metal particles inside the lenses absorb some of the sun's rays, thus blocking ultraviolet and infrared rays from reaching the human eye. Not only did the sunglasses gain the support of the U.S. government, they quickly became widely used in the U.S. Air Force. During World War II, sunglasses were quickly recognized by people around the world along with the great military power of the United States.

 Where can I buy aviator sunglasses?


 As the No.1 eyewear brand, the most classic one is Aviator. The Aviator was originally designed in the 1930s as special goggles for the Air Force to protect the pilot from the glare of the light at high altitude. Pilot series, the most classic one is a gold frame and dark green lens. Not only looks handsome but also has a good eye protection effect. The aviator's frames and lenses come in a variety of colors, including G15 tawny, or brown, lenses. All of these colors are also functionally available in polarized and non-polarized light. In the 1940s, Ray-Ban designed more specialized gradient lenses for the U.S. Air Force: the upper half of the lens was dark to block light, and the lower half-light was designed to help pilots see the control panel. Slowly, the gradual change lenses also became the popular fashion.


It can be said to be the most cost-effective sunglasses brand in China. Some aviator sunglasses are as stylish as Ray-Ban glasses. Because the lens of Parim is TAC, not a very popular material, so we can understand that its design is not poorer than the big brand. The price is very close to the people.


The lens is made of mineral glass with a low visible light projection ratio. It can be used in a variety of bright light scenes, such as hot sun, skiing, beach. The pilot series is a more traditional style, although not adding a lot of trendy elements. It highlights the simple atmosphere, exquisite workmanship. There are 3 colors available for both men and women. 

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