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What are mirrored sunglasses?

In the previous article, we discussed “Do gold mirrored sunglasses look good?”. In this article, let’s talk about “How to take care of your sunglasses?"

The reflective surface of mirrored sunglasses

What most people notice is the reflective surface of the mirrored sunglasses. The glasses have a thin metal front surface that helps light reflect. These sunglasses are perfect if you like sports or drive a lot, they take your color recognition to a whole new level. Glare is the main reason for people to wear mirrored sunglasses. These glasses prevent too much light from entering your lenses and thus prevent glare from affecting your vision. Sunglasses with mirrored lenses can protect your eyes from the sun and prevent excess light from entering your eyes when driving in the sun or participating in outdoor sports. This can be critical for safety.

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The process of making lenses for mirrored sunglasses

In terms of the lens manufacturing process, mirrored sunglasses are not a separate type, but a vacuum coating method. However, due to the strong appearance characteristics of mirrored sunglasses, they will be described as a category here. Mirror coatings can be used on the dyed, polarized, and discolored sunglasses mentioned earlier. The materials used are similar to AR anti-reflective coatings - the coating materials with different refractive indices are heated by an electron gun in a vacuum furnace. The coating materials are evaporated at high temperatures and deposited to the surface of the lens with a certain thickness. Different from AR coating, mirror coating improves the reflectivity greatly by changing the film thickness, so as to achieve the mirror reflection effect.

The downside of mirrored sunglasses

Although mirror lens is stronger than most lenses, preservation, and use need to be very careful. We will accidentally leave a scratch on the lens, very clear, because it is a mirror film.

If not careful, lens left a scratch, very clear because it is a mirror film. For often wear, choose super hard, inner membrane lens. Clean frames and lenses regularly to keep them in good condition. To do this, we recommend having some lens cleaning wipes on hand. You can wash your glasses with dishwashing liquid and warm water. If you want to double your protection against scratches and wear, consider using a scratch-resistant coating.

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