How do I stop my glasses from hurting the bridge of my nose

What to do when glasses hurt your nose?

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In the previous article, we discussed “Can TR90 frames be adjusted?“. In this article, let’s talk about “What to do when glasses hurt your nose?”.

Why do glasses hurt the bridge of my nose?

The main cause of nasal bridge pain is that the nose pad of the glasses is too tight. The nose pad is a supportive aid to the eyeglasses. The nose pad helps keep your glasses in place when you bend over or move. When the nose pad is tighter than average, you feel pain. Your glasses can cause red marks on your nose, pain on the bridge of your nose, and pain in your ears and your head. The main reason your skin is tender and uncomfortable behind your ears is that your glasses don't fit. So, what to do when glasses hurt your nose?

Try to wear glasses when you buying.

Check with your optician before you buy glasses. You can try glasses, and if the nose pad is tight, you can adjust it until it is comfortable to wear. The pressure the glasses put on the nose pad can be a cause of the pain. When choosing glasses, choose a light frame. Another major problem for glasses wearers is pain behind the ear. The pain is caused by the tension of the temples of your glasses. When you buy glasses, you should make sure they fit your head size.

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Take off your glasses from time to time.

You don't need glasses to read a book. Even if you need to wear glasses all day, remind yourself to take them off once in a while. Then you can relieve the red marks and pain on your nose. Take off your glasses in time to relieve eye strain. Close eye use, like watching TV or playing with a mobile phone while wearing glasses can lead to an increase in myopia (pseudomyopia). Short-sighted people, when using their eyes at close range, are advised to take off the glasses to see.

Make sure the frame is comfortable.

Frames come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. The too-narrow frame can squeeze the sides of the head. If the frame is too wide and it will slide down. We should make sure we chose a frame with a temple that has enough length. Some frames are made of metal with nose pads, while others are made of plastic. A-frame with a nose pad can be adjusted, while a plastic frame cannot be changed to fit your nose. Get the framework from a professional retailer. If you've already bought a pair of glasses with an uncomfortable nose pad, you can change them with the help of an optician. If you have already used tight temples, you can ask an optician to change your glasses.

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