What sunglasses for men do you want to buy in 2021?

What sunglasses for men do you want to buy in 2021?

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EVISU 2021 Sunglasses for Men

With Italian plates, delicate feelings, they are close and gentle to the skin. Craftsmanship quality, exquisite craft and design highlight the details of the craft technology. The comfortable nose pad fits nose pad, with stable shape, not easy to deform under external force, stable and comfortable with long-term use. They have geometric lines, natural and smooth integrated temples.

Playboy Sunglasses

The new Playboy sunglasses, in addition to maintaining the traditional focus on middle-aged consumer groups, especially designed a series of new styles for young consumer groups and women, can be divided into traditional men's frame, neutral trendy retro frame, color plastic frame, and popular sunglasses series. The traditional men's series adopts the prudent and introverted features as the design orientation, and the neutral and trendy retro series lead the world popular, and the color plastic frame series will be more enthusiastic and play incisively and vividly in unrestrained characteristics of young consumers. Marketing international famous "PLAYBOY" brand sunglasses, guide sunglasses fashion new trend. E-sunglasses is a special sales platform for all kinds of famous brand sunglasses like Playboy sunglasses. Playboy sunglasses on E-sunglasses are sold directly by manufacturers, so both the price and quality are guaranteed.

Matte Black Round Sunglasses  | KOALAEYEMatte Black Round Sunglasses  | KOALAEYE
Sale price$36.00 USD
Sale priceFrom

Helen Keller

Inheriting the American classic fashion design style, the product selection is superior, having exquisite workmanship, committed to the urban elite to bring an unprecedented elegant, luxurious noble experience. Every detail seems to flicker craftsman people's wisdom crystallization. every detail is carefully carved, and this is closely related to exquisite craft. It uses excellent technology for the production of sunglasses production. While improving the actual quality of the sunglasses, it complements the design, so the sunglasses of this brand are more like a work of art. The designer team is a professional design team from Italy, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen, with rich brands and styles, which are in line with the Oriental face shape and collocation. There are many market brands in the men's sunglasses industry. Helen Keller, as a man's sunglasses brand that has been concerned by the public, has won the favor of many consumers. It is close to the skin and not allergic, and it is more comfortable to wear.

Coastal Vision

Coastal Vision is an e-commerce platform focusing on high-tech sunglasses. Through unique creative design, the SMART series of Coastal Vision is launched, innovatively combining different functions of sunglasses into one. It has provided quality service for many customers, so attentively won the trust and praise of many enterprises. In the Shanghai area, they gradually establish a good brand image. Coastal Vision is revolutionizing the eyewear industry, eliminating the complicated shopping process and making buying sunglasses fun and efficient.


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