What sunglasses are trendy now

What sunglasses are trendy now?

In the previous article, we discussed “I have a heart-shaped face. What shape and shade of sunglasses should I wear?”. In this article, let’s talk about “What sunglasses are trendy now?”.

Now,it is a good time for summer vacation travel, but in such a season, we will feel that the sun is hot and sunburn us. During travelling, some necessary sun protection tools are certainly essential. It is very important to carry sunscreen, parasols and sunglasses with you. We not only can use sunglasses for sun protection,but also take some beautiful photos with sunglasses.

And now sunglasses are very popular among young people. When we go shopping, we will see sunglasses are carried on the faces of many young people. Sunglasses can give people a sense of mystery, but this mystery also contains a big-name style. So at a time when sunglasses elements have entered the fashion world, should we also have some our own sunglasses? Do you know what kind of sunglasses are popular now?

Round frame irregular sunglasses

First of all, I would like to recommend to you a very trendy retro style. These are the round frame irregular sunglasses which is very popular with the current young people. This pair of sunglasses is very special, but there are relatively few people wearing these sunglasses, so it is difficult to see the same in the street. This pair of sunglasses can be paired with different color lenses, which can be removed at will. It can be said to be very cool and handsome. These sunglasses will give people a lot of freshness, and take these sunglasses out of the tour, you will be more charming and attractive.(https://www.koalaeye.com/blogs/our-stories)

Black sunglasses

The second one would like to recommend to everyone is more classic ordinary black sunglasses. These sunglasses to take pictures is also very suitable, because it is very good to match any styles. No matter what kind of clothing can be paired with this classic and simple sunglasses. It's nice to take pictures by the sea or in the park. Although there are more people with these sunglasses, the charm of these sunglasses is based on its classic. Some men can also choose these sunglasses. It is neutral so that both men and women prefer the black sunglasses.

Polygon sunglasses

The last one is polygon sunglasses. The irregular polygon design reflects the unruly youth style. You can wear these sunglasses when you want to have a try in retro style. Also, the polygon sunglasses are popular with web celebrities. And the lenses come in many different colors. It is a must-have item for hipsters.

Colored sunglasses

Although the popular sunglasses style is different every year, but this year colored sunglasses are more popular with young people. Especially pale pink, pale yellow, pale green and so on are very popular colors, because these colors can be matched with different fashion clothes. But wear colored sunglasses must pay more attention to the color matching, otherwise it may lead to some sudden effect of matching.

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