What style of glasses suits a square shape face

What style of glasses suits a square shape face?

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In the previous article, we discussed “What shape of sunglasses suits a long face?”. In this article, let’s talk about “What style of glasses suits a square shape face?”.

The Cat-Eye Sunglasses

 It is called the French face because the face is already angular enough, a frame that's too sharp may make you look weird.  You should use the round curve to counteract the edges and corners of the face, so the frame would be thick and wide. As to size, it would rather slant big and not slant small. When the narrow delicate frame, collocates with a square face, it can look pretty small and incongruous.  Usually, you should choose round sunglasses to modify the face, like cat-eye, making the face looks a little angular. A square face is very suitable for wearing cat-eye sunglasses and will elongate the visual effect, hiding the face shortcomings.

Oval Sunglasses with Slightly Longer Frames:

Square faces suit oval sunglasses with slightly longer frames. Avoid rectangular frames with sharp edges. They may unnecessarily exaggerate the rectangular appearance of your face.? Aviator sunglasses works effectively with square faces but choose the longer ones.? The square face itself has edges and corners and will look very wide, so always choose sleek sunglasses to modify the face, making the face looks like little edges and corners. Do not buy angular sunglasses, it will occur your face is more square.? The people who have skin that is more wrung white can wear black sunglasses, which can make the skin look fairer. If you have dark skin, opt for dark tan sunglasses.

Large Round Frames

 A square face gives a person the feeling that he or she is hale and sinewy, so you should avoid sunglasses that have square frames. And the big round frame could look relatively supple. For a square face, round sunglasses should be collocated with thick and wide frames, which can show magnificence. Sunglasses with narrow frames and delicate edges will look pretty thin and do not match with the square face.

The Aviator Sunglasses

A round face very challenges to wear the small round sunglasses, but the square face has no problem and has soft facial lines from the vision.  Square faces have a more angular face, a wider jawbone, and a shorter chin.  The face has a sense of gravity and gravitas, and the aviator frames have a rigid beauty, which fits into the new taste of the fashion world. Another feature is that it has a retro look, and it never goes out of style.

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